Wyoming Becomes the Hub for Clean Energy

Wyoming Becomes the Hub for Clean Energy

Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Coal for a long time is seen as a non-renewable source of energy, which increases carbon emissions. However, a cleaner, more efficient form of coal as a fuel source is on the rise.

Fremont, CA: Clean Coal Technologies Inc., an innovative company with patent-pending technologies to convert raw coal into a cleaner, more efficient fuel source, is reassembling a test facility designed for coal beneficiation and by-products extraction in Gillette, Wyoming. CCTI stated that it had developed the world’s first commercially viable and scalable coal dehydration technology designed to upgrade the Btu content of low-quality coal through the extraction of volatile material in liquid form and producing cleaner-burning dry coal. This beneficiation of coal is a technique where raw coal is improved by reducing the extraneous matter.  The CFO/COO of CCTI, Aiden Neary said the revolutionary coal dehydration technique is drawing the attention of global mining and power generating companies, as they are aware of how it can benefit their industry.

The financial success of the project depends on two aspects; first, producing cleaner burning, higher-quality coal with higher heat content. Second, the sale of coal by-products such as fly ash is used in the construction industry. CCTI’s project has the support of the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources and doing a deep dive in the company’s technology. The university has validated CCTI’s research and committed up to 1 million USD in funding.

The beneficiation process of CCTI appeases the environmentalists who oppose coal exports from the U.S. “Our technology reduces the dust from the coal and makes it

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 dust-free,” says Neary. The U.S. coal-fired power plants are approaching bankruptcy as the use of coal for power generation is weakening. However, the use of coal on a global scale is facing a shift. The demand for coal in India is on the rise the government officials are making a move to use higher-quality and higher Btu coal. This shows that coal is a highly valuable commodity for the international market.

In 2018, Wyoming was set to become the hub for clean energy, but the company saw the opportunity to make the beneficiation process better, optimizing it and pushed the timeline of the project. Later, CCTI got its air permit, partnered with the University Of Wyoming School Of Energy Resources and the company is ready to roll out at a site at Gillette within six months. CCTI has not unveiled the details of the coal-cleaning process; however, it will happen soon after the Wyoming plant begins operations.

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