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About Energy CIO Insights

Energy is known for being an industry with a long-term capital trajectory, where it takes time for change to be felt. The combined effects of lower oil prices and the speed of digital technologies are transforming the energy value chain. In this era of change, where businesses and decision makers are searching for successful business models that will address these issues and generate anticipated shareholder returns in an uncertain regulatory setting, Energy CIO Insights is the go-to print platform.

Energy CIO Insights cumulates the latest technology, opinions, analyses and discussion of the most predominant issues in the field of energy. The publication apprises technology executives, data managers, channel and delivery experts, and operation leaders with current developments and occurrences in the energy technology vertical. Energy CIO Insights acts as a window for key decision makers, shedding light on the wide array of technology applications to choose from, the appropriate solutions and services for enhanced efficiency, and taking their business to new heights.

Changes in consumer demand and new opportunities in renewable energy production are influencing energy companies to invest in alternative sources, modernize their infrastructure and seek new revenue streams. This will continue as energy and utility companies come to grips with building smarter infrastructures and integrating powerful new technologies and analytics platforms. Energy CIO Insights aims to act as an industry catalyst and bring to light the latest trends regarding technology that can impact the utilities and energy sector.

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