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December 13, 2018

Energy CIO Insights Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Superconductors have paved a way into the energy industry after the efficient working of wind turbines that replace the magnets with superconducting tape.
Solid state battery is most awaited technology, especially for the car manufacturers worldwide.
Energy consumption is the most significant problem that the society is currently facing. Soon, the world should bring huge transformations in how the energy is generated and used.
Featured Vendors
Offers a fin-tech platform that simplifies adopting on-site energy solutions for SMBs and nonprofits.
A leading provider in the global wellbore navigation services market as well as the US directional services market.
Committed to providing the oil, gas, and mining industries with seamless, reliable broadband satellite internet communication solutions.
CIO Viewpoint
Scott Self, CIO, Tennessee Valley Authority
It’s our job to ensure that sensor information can be delivered and analyzed in real-time to provide insights that improve decision-making and lead to timely action.
Mel Kirk, SVP & CIO, Ryder System, Inc.
The role of CIO has transformed just as the technology they oversee has transformed.
CXO Insights
By Bridget Frey, CTO, Redfin
When Redfin recommends a home, customers are four times as likely to click on that house as they are on a home that fits the criteria of their own saved search
By Ronald Dorenbos, Associate Director Materials & Innovation, Takeda
A variety of AI applications, especially ones that have narrow, well-defined tasks,already surpass human capabilities and they will only get better