What are the Challenges with Offshore and Onshore Wind Farms

What are the Challenges with Offshore and Onshore Wind Farms

Energy CIO Insights | Friday, June 04, 2021

It is not easy to set up a wind farm for onshore and offshore, but it can become easier with suitable travel partners.

FREMONT, CA: 2019 was a landmark year for wind power, according to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). Worldwide, 60.4 GW of new capacity was installed, the second-highest figure in history, adding up to 19 percent growth year-on-year.

China, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Spain remain the top producers. Currently, they account for 73 percent of the world's existing 651 GW of wind power capacity and 70 percent of new products in 2019. Furthermore, 2019 was a record year for offshore wind energy, with 6.1 GW of installed capacity, representing 10 percent of the worldwide deployed total wind power.

Similarities and variations are present in onshore wind energy and offshore wind energy. The share of total energy output is gradually growing, and companies have helped develop wind farms for over 15 years at Airpes, both on land and at sea. The problems involved with working in each area are analyzed below.

Onshore and offshore wind energy: growing markets

It is due to the various features of the setting in which the wind farms are built. The offshore wind velocity is more significant since there are no natural obstacles to stop it, allowing the wind turbines to be larger.

Their unequal penetration of the market is the critical disparity between onshore and offshore resources. 650 GW of wind power is deployed worldwide: 90 percent onshore and 10 percent offshore.

Offshore wind farms: the challenge of working at sea

Offshore wind farms are mega-structures installed 41 kilometers from the coast on average and located at a depth of 27.5 meters on average.

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It is crucial for the success of the project to have proper lifting equipment. For starters, the location of the necelle on the tower is one of the most significant issues. There can be complicated weather conditions at sea, like waves, wind, and many more. That is why accuracy is essential.

Onshore wind farms: the challenge of facing gravity

Onshore wind farms do not have to face the ocean, but they contribute 90 percent of the world's wind energy output. That is why the maintenance of their equipment is of critical importance. The development of an onshore wind farm faces many challenges. Two of the most famous are:

• Keeping the equipment always ready.

• Adapting the construction to the orography. 

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