Why Smart Meters are Necessary?

Why Smart Meters are Necessary?

Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, June 06, 2019

FREMONT, CA: With the meter industries stepping inside the digital world, the regular traditional meters are being replaced by standard smart meters. The integration of upgraded meter technology has augmented the age-old household energy reading and correct bill submission process. Smart meter with its embedded DCC secures the national communication network and provides a seamless transition of data from users to suppliers. The systematic data transmission process of smart meter from household to electricity and gas suppliers have shaped an innovative pathway to visualize individual energy consumption rate. Governments of the developing countries are enforcing electricity providers to install upgraded meters into every household for better assessment and monitoring of power consumption.  The aptitude of smart meters to display real-time power usage will assist the homeowners to pre-estimate their energy bills.

As the installation and price of the smart meters are free, the homeowners require zero expenses to undergo the up-gradation process making it a cost-efficient and charge-free developmental step. With the free installation, consumers receive a smartphone-sized gadget including the feature to display real-time readings in kWh. Long gone are the days where the inability to submit meter readings in time led to an estimated bill payment where the users mainly ended up paying more money than recorded. The hectic process of repeatedly estimating, calculating, and adjusting payments based on taken reading is eliminated with the usage of smart meters. Experts are advising the operators and homeowners to undertake smart meters in advance for a hassle-free future. The smart meters will not only disclose the entire energy output but also unveil individual power consumption rates of every appliance. The separate device power detection ability will guide the consumers to plan out their appliance usage for an efficient cost and energy management.

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The renters are also provided with the authority to own a smart meter. However, the service providers to avoid breaching of contractual terms recommend the renters to request their landlords before the installation takes place. The new meters also enable the owners to switch suppliers efficiently by eliminating the risk to reset the entire meter readings process.

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