The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Increasing Energy Efficiency

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Increasing Energy Efficiency

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

Technology has paved the way for increased efficiency for many industries. Organizations have put modern advanced techniques to good effects to maximize their benefits. The energy industry is also not far behind. Companies have started to use many software tools which have helped to increase their efficiency.

Internet of things (IoT) has helped to create a lot a data on a regular basis. Artificial intelligence has used the data to create many sustainable development models for energy saving in the energy sector. The detailed analysis is given below:

Energy Storage: Energy sector was always looking for a renewable solution to the energy storage problem. With increased storage capacity, artificial intelligence has helped to boost efficiency and sustainability. According to a report by Greentech Media, American energy storage has achieved a massive milestone in the year 2017 with the help of software tools that use artificial intelligence. An artificial intelligent based Athena program offers its customers a tracking tool to monitor the fluctuations in energy rates which enables them to make a more efficient energy storage system.

Accident Management: Accidents are a common phenomenon in any industry. The energy sector also faces some severe accidents. Many factors can cause an accident like human error, machine failure. A thorough inspection of equipments is required to prevent the accidents. Artificial intelligence uses many fault detection techniques to raise the alarm before any mechanical failures or any mishandling of equipments.  Sensors are mounted on the machine to send data about the machine performance and based on the present data and past data; artificial intelligence tool does a predictive analysis.

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Grid management: power grids store energy from multiple sources like wind, solar, and coal. Operating such a massive system of grids requires a high level of efficiency. AI helps to analyze huge data sets within a very short frame of time. For example, Active network management (ANM) is an AI-based tool that automatically operates grids. The ANM tool automatically tracks the grid’s interaction with different sources of energy and then based on the requirement it changes the grid.

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