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John W. Gibson, Chairman, Energy Technology, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

With technology exploding on the scene, which role in a company has accountability for what? In a classic large organization, the CIO supports and manages the operational digital infrastructure, typically with a goal of improved efficiency:...

Golden Cross -Blockchain as Infrastructure in Oil and Gas Drilling Automation
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Dr. Robello Samuel, Chief Technical Advisor & Halliburton Technology Fellow, Halliburton

Oil and Gas industry has recently transformed itself into a data-intensive industry – from artificial intelligence to intelligent or cognitive computing, machine learning to internet of things and robotics. With such a growth and expansion,...

Benefiting From the IoT Opportunity: Three industry trends that will make your deployment in 2017 a better one
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Allen Proithis, President, Sigfox, North America

There is no doubt the IoT space is growing at an enormous rate, in fact the number of connected devices soared to a 30 percent growth in 2016 from the previous year, according to one Gartner report. 2017 will be a year we see IoT not only continue...

Value Innovation in the Radiology Practice
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Shannon Werb, CIO, Virtual Radiologic

Revolutionary Technological Solutions Deep learning is one technology that will assist clinicians in what we like to think of as “assisted diagnostics.” There are examples of similar initiatives that are focused on replacing...

Speed Approvals, Improve Compliance, Save Money: Harness the Power of Workflow Automation
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Rob Wilson, CTO, NeoSystems Corp.

Many compa­nies struggle with inconsist­ent cash flow, timely billing and prompt pay­ments. Inefficiencies in such processes can hinder business growth. As an on­shore business process outsourcing firm, NeoSystems’ clients...

The Dawn of Agile Development
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Dr. William H. Morris, Associate CIO, Cleveland Clinic and Beth Meese, Executive Director, Cleveland Clinic

How has your software testing operating model changed during the last five years? Founded in 2011, Cleveland Clinic’s Clinical Solutions Center (CSC), comprised of clinicians, software developers and analysts, works closely with...

Blockchain Applications in the Energy Industry
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James W. Vick, SVP Business Information Services, Southwestern Energy

New technologies being born out of necessity, futuristic thinking or simply intelligent innovation are a constant in any line of business. As a CIO, my job is to shed a critical eye on the horizon ahead and envision what is possible with these new...

Energy Analytics Value Chain Maturity-Challenges and Path Forward
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KavitaN. Priyadarshy, Founder & CEO, Sahas LLC, Halliburton

Introduction Many challenges and concepts inherent to the oil and gas (O&G) industry are equally represented in other areas of the energy sector. While the O&Gindustry has always leveraged data, it lacks the created intelligence and...

The Digital Vision
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Cynthia Johnson, Ex CIO, California Resources Corporation

The digital oilfield vision includes many use cases of technology. Advancements for the oilfield are keeping up and maybe outpacing Moore’s Law which suggests technology capability doubles every two years. However, the application of...

Embracing Disruptive Technologies to Create Smart Business Processes
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Philippe Flichy, Director, Weatherford

Big Data, Cloud, RFIDs, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are part of a Digital Transformation, a common theme which can be observed across many industries. It corresponds in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry to a broadening of the...

METRON: Toward an Energy-Efficient Future
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Vincent Sciandra, Founder & CEO

Provides an innovative approach to big data energy management technologies and services, allowing companies to maximize the value of their energy resources

FutureOn - Precision Visualization: The Oilfield Sandbox
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Darrell Knight, EVP

FutureOn is a leading provider of digitalization software and data visualization solutions for the Offshore Oil and Gas subsea domain

Akselos: Fast, Precise Engineering Simulation
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David Knezevic Co Founder & CTO

Akselos S.A. has developed the world’s most advanced engineering simulation technology, a cloud-based software used by energy asset operators and engineering firms

Schlumberger: Rigs of the Future
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Paal Kibsgaard, Chairman & CEO

The world's leading provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing to the oil and gas industry

PROLYTX: Connecting Engineering with IT
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Blake Biernacki, Technical Director

Provides smart plant solutions and engineering data services

Brady PLC: The ETRM Behemoths
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Libby Koehn, Chief Product Officer

Brady plc is the largest European-headquartered provider of trading and risk management software to the global commodity and energy markets. Brady combines fully integrated and complete solutions that support the entire commodity trading...

Blue River Analytics: Bringing Life to Energy Data
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John Buckley, President & Co-founder

Blue River Analytics helps upstream oil and gas production companies create competitive advantage by developing advanced visual and predictive analytic tools

INOVX Solutions: 3D Visualisation Meets Oil and Gas
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John Bell, CEO

Provides a platform and solutions for 3D Asset Integrity Management to companies in the process industries worldwide

Resource Energy Solutions: Comprehensive Well Data Management
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Trent Marx, President & CEO

Providing innovative and advanced software technology solutions within the oil and gas sector

CartoPac International: Mobile Solutions for Utility Asset Management
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Bud Michael, CEO

Provides comprehensive mobile and location aware solutions for the collection of field data critical to utility asset management

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