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Know How Big Data Is Convulsing The Energy Industry
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The energy sector generates data at a high quantity while undergoing a large-scale transformation through technologies like predictive analysis and big data. FREMONT, CA: The energy sector continuously collects large quantities of data. For...

The Next Big Challenge for European Renewable Energy
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Keith Harrison, Managing Vice President, Gartner CIO, Industries Research

Europe’s electricity markets and the associated business models are largely focused on how to integrate the flexibility services provided by renewable and distributed generation and energy storage assets (Distributed Energy Resources...

How the De-Carbonisation Agenda and the Reduction of CAPEX Drives the Forward Deployment of RE in Europe
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Ypatios Moysiadis, Business Development Director and UK Country Manager, GreenSolver UK

Regardless of whether you believe in the future of renewable energy, it is an undeniable fact that solar and wind have established themselves as mainstream generating technologies across the globe. More and more often, we see records being...

Utilities Need to Simplify, Speed Up, and Scale Third-Party Solutions to Meet Future Energy Needs
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Sangeeta Ranade, Vice President, Clean Energy Solutions Business Development, New York Power Authority

I was driving my 12-year-old daughter to her first day of seventh grade. I love those moments because it’s a time when the conversation just flows. ‘I don’t think the world is going to outlast my generation,’ she said. I...

Can IoT Overhaul The Management Of Energy Grid?
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IT/OT allows cost efficiency, improvements in reliability on new services across the utility sector. With increasingly efficient investments, a greater choice for the customer and a lower risk among operations results in an optimal operational...

Is Big Data a Trouble-Maker in the Energy Industry?
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The energy sector constantly collects large amounts of data with the help of applications of sensors, wireless transmission, network communication, and cloud computing technologies. It is overwhelming to find the amount of data that it collects on...

Game of Power Storage: Nations in Quest to Find the Ultimate Battery
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The prices for existing means of energy storage are varying daily, resulting in ambiguity. The need for sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective storage systems is gaining interest and innovations are being carried out in all parts of the world....

Technology the Key to Gas as Player in Our Smart Energy Future
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Johnny Johnston, Chief Operating Officer, Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.

For years, gas was seen as a bridge to the low-carbon future. But as coal power gives way to wind and solar as viable alternatives from an economic and environmental lens, more questions are raised about whether we are reaching the end of...

Your Electricity Experience Must Advance
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Asim Z. Haque, Chairman & CEO, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

We are on the cusp of true transformation in the electric industry. Technology exists today that can change the way we use energy at work and home. Homeowners are increasingly trying to make their homes “smarter”, electric vehicle...

Securing the Energy Ecosystem in the Ripe IoT Age
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IoT, as one of the significant catalysts for the transformation in the energy and utility sector, drives enumerable opportunities prioritizing security.   FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Things (IoT) is already creating waves across both the...

Smart Management of Regulatory Compliance Traffic
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Technology can be an incredible supporting partner for regulatory compliance. New generation solutions currently approach specific areas of concern, which includes security, record management, risk management, and business performance. FREMONT,...

Can Modern Analytics Solve Concerns in Utilities?
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The utilities sector can utilize modern analytics to leverage a multitude of use cases for the optimization for the companies and to create awareness among the customers.   FREMONT, CA: According to the International Energy Agency, the...

Operation with the Intelligent Grid
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Richard Mora, CEO

Landis+Gyr was awarded the new contract of managed services by Colorado Springs Utilities. FREMONT, CA: Landis+Gyr and Colorado Springs Utilities announced the grant of the contract to replace the utility’s end-of-life metering system...

Ameliorating Utilities Debt Management and Revenue Gain With Smart Analytics
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Utilities are now leveraging data analytics to strike a balance between absorbing customer arrears and chasing down payments.   FREMONT, CA: Developing smart and focussed debt collection tactics to help lessen costs, save...

Technology Advances Poised to Launch a Wave of DER Adoption
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Caroline Choi, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Southern California Edison

Power utilities in California have less than 12 years to meet the state’s transformational greenhouse gas reduction requirements – 40 percent below 1990 levels – for 2030. Southern California Edison is committed to the vision...

Utilities are Essential to Make Homes Smarter
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As the smart home market heats up, digitalization, changing customer demand, and innovation in home energy management technology has opened the door for electric utilities to get in on the game. While technology companies’ access to the home...

Utility Sector Locked and Loaded to Pioneer the Smart Regions Development
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Smart regions were concepts that many strategists dreamed of achieving. With the latest influx of technologies the concepts that once were just theoretical are taking shape and the utility sector is spear-heading the movement. FREMONT,...

Diverging the Path of Disasters in the Utility Sector
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Utilities in urban areas are at risk since they are aging and the pressure exerted is multiplying by each day. The innovators in utilities sector are persuaded to invest more intelligence and technology into prevention of devastating impacts....

Beyond the Confines of the Traditional Thought Process
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Scott Blecke, Vice President of Engineering, Great Lakes Energy

In my experience at the energy distribution level, I have witnessed most of the challenges revolving around the large-scale adoption and penetration of new and emerging technologies on the horizon. Entities across the U.S. face challenges with...

Intelligent Automation is here to Re-Energize the Energy and Utility Sector
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FREMONT, CA: The global energy and utility companies, with a focus on gaining efficiency, cost savings, and continuous improvement, are leveraging intelligent automation to enhance the service value that they deliver to their customers. The...