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Will EoT be the Killer "app" that Energy Internet is waiting for?
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Farah Saeed, Research Director, Digital Grid, Frost & Sullivan

Whether you believe in climate change or not, the recent California fire devastation caused by drought is very real and alarming. California has been on the path of taking preventative measures for many years including this year with the passing...

Providing Desired Outcomes with "As-a-Service" Models
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Aravind Yarlagadda, SVP and GM, Itron

The managed services market is estimated to reach $257.84 billion by 2022, representing a compound annual growth rate of 11.1 percent from 2017 to 2022, according to Markets and Markets. As managed services have become more mainstream, so have the...

Reimagining the Smart Grid of the Future with Software
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Patric McElroy, VP & Chief Software Engineer, GE Power

In the U.S. alone, power outages cost the economy an average of $80B per year. For utilities, that means increased costs for penalties, repairs, overtime and customer service. The good news is that smart grid technologies can alleviate a...

California Fire Urges Power Companies to Strengthen Their Equipment for Fire Safety
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The blazing fires in Northern California’s Butte County and Malibu area of Southern California and Malibu area of Southern California have brought judgment over the power company equipment for setting off the wildfires. It is not yet clear...

The Future of Grid Stability Hinges Heavily on Energy Storage
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Frank Jakob, Technology Manager for Energy Storage, Black & Veatch

A clean energy revolution is gathering steam, accelerated by the expanding role of renewable energy in utilities’ power generation and revenue mix. Bolstered by clean energy goals, decreasing costs and strengthening regulatory support,...

The Digital Utility needs - and promotes - a Changing Corporate Culture
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Dr. Dirk E. Mahling, CMVP; VP – Technology and Strategy, Alliant Energy

Utilities and energy companies are rapidly adopting deeper and broader digitization to remain relevant to their customers and to respond to the changing parameters in the regulatory world. Solar arrays, large scale renewables, wind farms and the...

The Rise of Flexible Battery Storage
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Raiford Smithis, VP-Energy Technology & Analytics, Entergy

Introduction Today’s energy storage technologies can be categorized into mechanical, electrochemical, and electrical. Some well-known storage technologies include pumped hydro storage, flywheel, lithium ion batteries, lead acid batteries,...

Solar to Storage Asset Management: How Recent Technology Developments Impact Your Business Environment
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Philip Mihlmester, Executive VP-Global Energy, ICF Energy

Advancements in technology, reductions in cost, and improved understanding of the benefits of battery storage have increased the demand and utilization of battery storage systems. This development, in turn, has resulted in a growing need for solar...

Reinventing Electric Power Value Chain
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Joseph Santamaria, SVP & Chief Information & Digital Officer, PSEG

The energy grid is being transformed into a smarter, cleaner and more distributed network that must satisfy escalating customer and societal expectations. The increased demands range from integrating emerging energy technologies (renewables,...

Value Creation in the Digital Energy Network
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Henry Bailey, Global VP, Utilities IBU, SAP

The demand for electricity in the next decades, according to some estimates, will nearly double as the world population approaches 10 billion people, the middle class adopts new electronic devices in emerging economies, urbanization accelerates at...

Keys to Building a Successful Innovation Program within the Utility Industry
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Joel Miller, Principal Supervisor, Energy Management Tools - DTE Insight, DTE Energy

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” - Thomas A. Edison I find it fascinating that the industry created by Edison, one of the most prolific and successful inventors, finds itself vulnerable to...

2018 Digital Transformation Trends in the Power Sector
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John Villali, Research Director, IDC Energy Insights

The power sector is currently undergoing a digital transformation (DX) that will continue to play out for the next several years. This transformation is enhancing the way energy is produced, delivered, and consumed. Utilities are creating new...

Renewable Heating And Cooling As A Strategic Asset
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Chris Beebe, CEO, BEAM Engineering

Current dialogue about energy in the United States is centered on electricity and transportation. However, a third element is missing from this discussion: the massive amount of thermal energy that is used for heating and cooling our buildings,...

PSE&G Solar Storage Projects Provide Clean Energy and Resiliency to Key Infrastructure
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Todd Hranicka, Director- Solar Energy, PSE&G

On October 29th, 2012, Superstorm Sandy made landfall in New Jersey. Sandy brought wind gusts of up to 90 miles an hour into the Garden State, nearly a foot of rain in some locations and widespread flooding and devastation. "These solar...

Leveraging the IoT to Improve Customer-Facing Programs that Align with Grid Needs
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David Meisegeier, VP & Senior Technical Director, ICF

Utilities face an increasingly complex challenge of engaging and improving customer relationships while at the same time building a smarter, bi-directional grid. One that improves reliability and keeps costs under control. However, with the...

Batteries lead charge for more efficient, flexible grid
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Katya Peremanova, Associate Analyst, Moody's Investors Service

The cost of Lithium-ion batteries is plummeting. Decreasing prices, along with increasing efficiency, have made the incorporation of battery storage systems into power grids more viable and cost effective. Many view storage as an ideal way to help...

Management Of Big Data To Drive Utility Transformation
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Dr. Mani Vadari, President, Modern Grid Solutions

The utility industry had been in a slow evolutionary mode since the middle of the 20th century. However, over the last 10-15 years, the pace of change has dramatically changed and much of this happening through the implementation of technology....

4 Ways Utility & Green Energy Companies are Getting Smarter With IoT
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Prashant Kumar, Founder & CEO, TechBlocks

IoT is certainly a hot topic. We’ve already explored best practices for IoT implementation and its effects on logistics and the retail space. Now we’re diving into the utilities and green energy sectors, which are industries that can...

A Customer-Centric Approach to Grid-Connected Distributed Energy Resources
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Rodger Smith, SVP & GM, Oracle Utilities

Electric utilities—like all utilities—are in the service business. For many years, that was a straightforward, one-way delivery process: the utility provided electricity to its customers, and the customers paid the utility for the...

The Power of Prediction through Grid Analytics
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Soorya Kuloor, CTO, Advanced Grid Analytics, Landis+Gyr

Distribution utilities are increasingly adopting analytics products into their enterprise IT portfolios. Analytics use cases are focused towards very diverse areas including finance, enterprise and customers. Grid analytics is a piece of this...

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