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IoT Smart Grid Data: Moving from Potential Value to Realized Value
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Tim Fairchild, Director, Global Energy Practice, SAS

Across every industry segment, the Internet of Things (IoT) generates amounts of data that would have been inconceivable to CIOs a decade ago. For utilities, IoT data from smart meters and other connected devices that make up the Smart Grid...

Hack Your Culture for Successful Digital Transformation
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Rich McAvey, Research VP and Distinguished Analyst(Oil and Gas Research), Gartner, Inc.

Digital transformation means changing the conduct of business at scale. While the majority of oil and gas companies have embarked on such a journey, only a small percentage have yet to succeed in scaling digital transformation across the...

New Thinking on Data Center Power Security
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Peter Gross, VP, Mission Critical Systems, Bloom Energy

It has been a year of many shocking and extreme weather events across the USA: bomb cyclones, hurricanes and wildfires have wreaked havoc from Florida to California. Despite the massive toll of these catastrophic events, one severe lightning storm...

Energy Utopia: Building a Powerful Fort Knox
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It was an uneventful day for residents in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, a region in Western Ukraine, but not for long. What was widely speculated to be an extended power outage in the city, turned out to be an upshot of a series of cyber-attacks at...

CompassData: Taking Location Awareness to the Next Level
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W. Brant Howard, Co-Founder & CEO

CompassData is well versed in pipeline locating and mapping, oil and gas pad inventory and compliance surveys and web map hosting.

New Century Software: Sophisticated GIS-Based Pipeline Solutions
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Ron Brush, President

Offers GIS technology and services to the oil and gas industry.

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