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Turning Talk into Action: Delivering on the Massachusetts Energy Storage Mandate
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Penni McLean-Conner, Chief Customer Officer and SVP, Eversource Energy

There is a lot of talk about climate change, global warming and clean energy solutions. But talk alone is not sufficient. Talk must turn to action to meaningfully support a clean energy future. Turning talk into action requires that three...

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Increasing Energy Efficiency
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Technology has paved the way for increased efficiency for many industries. Organizations have put modern advanced techniques to good effects to maximize their benefits. The energy industry is also not far behind. Companies have started to use many...

Battery Storage Technologies
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Charles A. Freni, President and CEO, Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corp.

Since the earliest days in the development of the modern electric system, energy production has had to match demand. Other than pumped storage with very limited siting and sizing options, no feasible, economic method for storing bulk electric...

The Future of Grid Stability Hinges Heavily on Energy Storage
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Frank Jakob, Technology Manager for Energy Storage, Black & Veatch

A clean energy revolution is gathering steam, accelerated by the expanding role of renewable energy in utilities’ power generation and revenue mix. Bolstered by clean energy goals, decreasing costs and strengthening regulatory support,...

The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Primer
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Michael Maiello, SVP, Technology, Schneider Electric

For over 130 years, electrical power distribution has remained essentially unchanged.  A central generation station delivered power through a transmission and distribution network to commercial and residential customers, who then consumed the...

The Rise of Flexible Battery Storage
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Raiford Smithis, VP-Energy Technology & Analytics, Entergy

Introduction Today’s energy storage technologies can be categorized into mechanical, electrochemical, and electrical. Some well-known storage technologies include pumped hydro storage, flywheel, lithium ion batteries, lead acid batteries,...

Solar to Storage Asset Management: How Recent Technology Developments Impact Your Business Environment
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Philip Mihlmester, Executive VP-Global Energy, ICF Energy

Advancements in technology, reductions in cost, and improved understanding of the benefits of battery storage have increased the demand and utilization of battery storage systems. This development, in turn, has resulted in a growing need for solar...

Emerging Role of Renewables and Energy Storage
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Ramkumar Krishnan, CTO, Fluidic Energy

The world is undergoing a monumental shift to sustainable renewable energy, evolving both in the developed world toward cleaner generation sources and the developing world to broad electrification efforts. Access to electricity and communication...

Concentrating Solar Power with Thermal Energy Storage
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Bill Gould, CTO, SolarReserve

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) with Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology utilizes large tracking mirrors to focus sunlight onto a heat exchanger, where the sun’s thermal energy is captured in a fluid. By using molten salt as both a heat...

EMaaS - The Convergence of the Cloud and Critical Infrastructure
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Marc DeNarie, CIO, NaturEner USA

Today, Saas, IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, DRaaS has become commonplace for an IT executive to outsource a wide range of services to the cloud to reduce costs and complexity. Software, Infrastructure, Platform, Desktop, and even Disaster recovery are the...

Mesa Technical Associates, INC.: Optimized Turn-Key Solutions for Energy Storage
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Howard Gartland, President and CEO

Provider of turn-key energy solutions, stationary industrial batteries, charging systems, and DC power systems for telecommunications, utilities, and industrial customers

Romeo Power Technology: Launching Positive Energy into the Future
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Ed Wise, President

An energy technology company engineering the most advanced and power-dense Lithium-Ion battery packs

Enevate: Next-Generation Battery Technology Solution
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Robert A. Rango, President and CEO

Manufactuer of advanced battery to deliver ultrafast charging, ultrahigh energy density, and plug-and-play compatibility with smartphones, ultrathin PCs and tablets

Viking Cold Solutions: Optimizing Energy Consumption For The Global Cold Chain
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James Bell, CEO

Viking Cold Solution’s Thermal Energy Storage (TES) reduces energy by 20-35% while stabilizing temperatures for improved efficiencies of cold storage facilities

Peak Power: Maximizing Revenue from Energy Storage
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Derek Lim Soo, CEO

Energy storage services provider focused on delivering intelligent software and project solutions to offset the most expensive hours of electricity demand

Apparent: The Ultimate Smart Grid
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George Salah, Chairman and CEO

Provides an intelligent smart grid solution powered by big data that improves energy production, delivery, and use

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