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Connected Field of Dreams
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Jason Cradit, VP of Information Systems, Willbros Group, Inc.

Utility construction, like so much other infrastructure work isn’t done in a cubical or boardroom or even in a corner office. It’s done in fields. Literal fields. People get muddy, work rain or shine, and they build our nation’s...

Innovation with Pressure Control Intelligence Systems
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Matt Green, Engineering Manager for Technology and Innovation, Weir Oil and Gas

Safety is a major concern across all industries. However, in the oil and gas space, ensuring the safety of personnel and protection of the environment is paramount. Reducing the number and severity of safety and environmental incidents allows...

The Five I's Approach to Business Performance
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Brian Letzkus, VP & CIO , The Williams Companies (“Williams”)

Job as a CIO Balancing your role as a Technology leader with being a Business leader. I have found the biggest issue I face is getting invited to the table to help solve a business problem regardless if there is a technology solution. ...

Energy Utopia: Building a Powerful Fort Knox
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It was an uneventful day for residents in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, a region in Western Ukraine, but not for long. What was widely speculated to be an extended power outage in the city, turned out to be an upshot of a series of cyber-attacks at...

Behlman Launches New BLC Series Ac Power Supply Equipment
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HAUPPAUGE, NY: Behlman Electronics, provider of power products for military airborne, shipboard, and mobile programs introduces its CE Marked ‘BLC Series AC Power Sources’ to provide single- or three-phase output in a range of power...

Sunpreme Launches Maxima GxB-310 SM Smart Modules
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SUNNYVALE, CA: Sunpreme, a global solar photovoltaic company that designs, develops and manufactures its proprietary Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT) now launches Maxima GxB-310 SM Smart Modules that integrates Tigo TS4-L Optimizer Solution with its...

Pixel Velocity: Automating Field Operations
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Jonathan Murray, CEO

Provides digital operations software to monitor and manage remote and hazardous assets to optimize field service worker productivity

PROLYTX: Connecting Engineering with IT
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Blake Biernacki, Technical Director

Provides smart plant solutions and engineering data services

SEE Forge: Flexible Application Builder for Complicated Workflows
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James McDonough, Founder & CEO

Empowering organizations with apps in a simple drag and drop way, to instantly simplify key processes, integrate with existing plant and ERP systems and rapidly deploy across the enterprise

Shipcom Wireless: Streamlined Tracking of Material, Assets, and Personnel
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Mustafa Tyebbhoy, CEO

Provider of integrated mobility, RFID, RTLS, other AIDC technologies, workflow management, and operational dashboards for world class enterprises.

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