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Simplifying eCommerce to Strengthen Oil and Gas Service Company's Bottom Lines
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Chris Welsh, CEO, OFS Portal LLC

The flow of cash in the oil and gas industry seems quite simple. Take customer sales orders, fulfill orders, deliver orders, generate invoices, and collect payments. But times have changed. As the industry has grown so too has technology....

Oil and Gas Industry to benefit from Cloud
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Jeff T. Taynton, CTO, Fielding Systems

Fielding Systems made a decision to adopt the Microsoft  Azure cloud platform early on in its lifecycle because we saw  greater value compared to other cloud services in building on top of what was a true PaaS (Platform as a Service) and...

Adapting Asset Management to a Cloud-Centric Reality
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Leo Barella, VP & Chief Enterprise Architect, AstraZeneca

What are the key challenges while adapting to cloud-centric asset management system? With the evolution of IT—from conventional, on-premise version of the same client-server applications to the cloud—the growth of cloud asset...

Cloud Considerations in Asset Management Intensive Organizations
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Hart Levy, Director, Management Consulting - EAM & MRO Spares Inventory, Hitachi Consulting

Four Areas to Evaluate Prior to Pursuing that Path Newer workforces expect greater access to a wide variety of data availability via the internet and through mobile devices. The Asset Management Cloud continues to expand that transformation to...

Time To Think Differently
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Joseph DiBiase, Director Global Information Security, Interface

As with many of my CISO colleagues, our businesses have been moving (sometimes slowly and sometimes very quickly) to the cloud. We see constant introduction of new SaaS applications and utilization of PaaS and IaaS services from Amazon, Microsoft,...

The Rise of the CISO
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Justin Dolly, CSO & CIO, Malwarebytes

Today, the cyber security market surpasses nearly $75 billion annually and it is expected to be worth $170 billion by 2020. Most companies want cutting-edge security and know that they need security leaders. But it hasn't always been that...

Providing Desired Outcomes with "As-a-Service" Models
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Aravind Yarlagadda, SVP and GM, Itron

The managed services market is estimated to reach $257.84 billion by 2022, representing a compound annual growth rate of 11.1 percent from 2017 to 2022, according to Markets and Markets. As managed services have become more mainstream, so have the...

Oil and Gas Space Aligns Itself to Today's Technology Disruption
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John Boden, VP of Information and Member Services, Society of Petroleum Engineers

The low price of crude oil has been the key factor in the oil and gas market since late 2014. That translates to a need for improved efficiency and innovation. The Technology Roadmap for the Oil and Gas sector At our SPE CIO Round Table...

Mercatus Energy Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM) System Reaches 100 Gigawatt Milestone
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SAN MATEO, CA: Mercatus announced today that by year-end 2016 its Cloud software system—used to manage energy development projects and portfolios—had been deployed by industry leading power producers and utilities to manage in...

Building a Future Proof ERP Platform
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Jorge Frausto, CIO-Global ERP, GE Power

Cloud Computing For the ERP Cloud computing is the future of ERP. Not only can it cut the cost of running the infrastructure significantly, it can also help drive the standardization agenda, which is so critical in making an ERP roll out...

Leveraging Cloud-Based Options for Document Management
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Jay Stauffer, Director, IT, The Brock Group

Paper Document Management Soaring to the Cloud Filing Cabinets are becoming an item of the past as the use of Document Management Systems (DMS) is on the rise in businesses of all sizes. Paper Documents are not only space consumers; they limit...

Technology in Utilities
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Alberto Ruocco, AEP VP & CIO, Greg Filipkowski, AEP Director of Demand Management, Customer Operations & Distribution, American Electric Power

The Evolution of IT Investments Utilities historically have been considered late adopters of information technology (IT). Because our companies are largely regulated, utilities can earn a return for capital investments that create new assets...

Deploying Cloud and Investing in Business Intelligence and Master Data Management to Run Business in Flow
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Dave Robbins, CIO & SVP, Ellie Mae

Adopting Cloud in Business Environment We have embraced cloud (SaaS) in nearly every aspect of our internal technology needs. We have moved from internally running Exchange, SharePoint, Financial Systems and more to services such as Office 365,...

Internet Technology's Pivotal Role in Innovating the Oil and Gas Industry
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Hob Hairston, SVP of Business Technology, Mansfield Oil Company

As a technology professional for the last two decades within the energy sector, I have seen many industry changes related to the use of technology. Early in my career, I had the opportunity to work on cutting edge solutions that were unfortunately...

Fortem Technologies: Drones to Kill Drones
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Timothy Bean, CEO

Headquartered in Utah, Fortem Technologies is a company that provides drone solutions to protect oil and gas facilities from any unwanted attack by drones, UAVs and other aircraft. Their three products, Fortem TrueView radar, Fortem SkyDome, and...

Contigo: Simplified Energy Trading
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Adrian Bullock, Managing Director

Contigo provides a portfolio of ETRM solutions for all the entities in the energy value chain, including firms involved in energy generation as well as wholesale and retail trading. Since the launch of its flagship product, enTrader suite, in...

Aspect Enterprise Solutions: A Smarter Way to Problem-Solving
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Steve Hughes, President & CEO

Aspect Enterprise Solutions (earlier OILspace) was founded in 1999 to harness the new technology innovations. The aim was to provide energy companies a competitive advantage while accelerating the technology adaptations in the oil industry, where...

Brady: Empowering Energy Businesses beyond Borders
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Aleksandar Cvetkovic, Head of Energy Portfolio

Brady provides packaged and bespoke solutions supporting the entire energy commodity trading operation, from the capture of financial and physical contracts, risk management, handling of physical operations, to back office financials and treasury...

Pioneer Solutions: Energy Trading Software at its Best
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Uday Baral, President

An award-winning provider of next-generation ETRM solutions which offers an alternative to other established providers

Arundo: Smarter Operations through Industrial Analytics
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Tor Jakob Ramsøy, Founder & CEO

Arundo delivers assistance in industrial analytics to organizations belonging to the energy sector
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