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What GIS Means to Asset Management in Energy Industry
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The GIS mapping is proving to be a savior of energy firms, helping achieve excellence in asset management, and thereby optimizing ROI.     FREMONT, CA: Energy firms are asset-intensive, and assets are the essence of the...

Enterprise Energy Expenses: How To Reduce It
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Forming a cohesive link between software technology and energy management, managers gain a valuable tool that can cut down costs and monitor the company’s energy expenses.  FREMONT, CA: Most employees utilize the company’s...

How CIOs can Implement Energy Diet within Budget
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If the energy bill of the organization is higher than the previous one, then it is high time to manage the energy consumed or wasted. How to go about it? And how can it be achieved within a budget?  FREMONT, CA: The survey conducted by the...

Reveal Energy Services Enhances the Cloud-based Evaluation Efficiency
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Operators can identify the hydraulic fracturing approach using the DSCVRi engine and generate the greatest ROI.   FREMONT, CA: With the accelerated expansion of cloud computing and connectivity techniques, multiple organizations have...

Did You Know There's More to Asset Management?
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Banks and insurers witness their captive asset management unit as a latent token for monetization during the time of a crisis. Since the value of this token is dilapidating, the potential sellers are getting inclined to close a deal, leading...

New Pool of Money for Deepwater Gas Rigs
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Due to a downward spiral of the economy in oil and gas a few years ago. The investments for new facilities had been stunted. Recently, the capital allotment has empowered the deepwater rigs enough to support its rise. FREMONT, CA: The momentum...

Asset Management in Utility Organizations
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Milind Nazare, Vice President Operations & Delivery, Avertra Corp

Assets are the lifeblood of the utilities industry. Power and Gas stations, Distribution and Transmission Lines, Storage Wells, Generation Plants, Exploration, and the list goes on. Apart from gas, water, electric and waste carrying assets, there...

Digital Risk Management for Energy Strategic Investments for Managing Risks, Automating Compliance and Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage
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Matt Morris, Managing Director, Industrial Cyber & Digitalization, Siemens

The Current Situation One year ago, I wrote that “every industry should shift … focus from connectedness to secure connectedness, ensuring risk management of our industrial plants and infrastructure.” Sage advice, if I do...

The Power of Artificial InteIligence (AI)
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If you’re an avid fan of HBO's Silicon Valley, as I am, you may have recently downloaded the iOS app “Not Hotdog,” that was introduced on the show and developed in real life using real AI, in a ruse of ingenious marketing....

EV Charging Made Easy with Google Assistant
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Smart technology enables companies and households to use energy more efficiently. The smart energy technology will be useful in reducing the need to build more power plants, some of which burn polluting fossil fuels such as coal or gas. In recent...

AI and the Future of Field Service: Moving from Efficiency to Innovation
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Michael Alcock, Director-CIO Executive Programs & Content, Microsoft [NASDAQ: MSFT]

From the 10,000-foot view for field service, the priority is typically to enable faster fixes, for less cost, at less risk, and ideally with a seamless automation of administrative processes. For the CIO managing a portfolio of field enablement...

The Case for E&P Data Consortiums
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Preston Cody, Head of Analytics Lab, Wood Mackenzie

Over the past decade, the E&P industry has undergone a dramatic transformation both in terms digital technology advancement and adoption. Thanks to information technology (IT), data has become increasingly available –in real time and...

An Innovative Energy Management System for a Better Environment
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Energy efficiency is one of the most essential parts of an industry because it helps save money, conserve resources, and fight climate change, all at the same time. This has become more relevant recently with energy use in an industrial building...

Value Creation in the Digital Energy Network
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Henry Bailey, Global VP, Utilities IBU, SAP

The demand for electricity in the next decades, according to some estimates, will nearly double as the world population approaches 10 billion people, the middle class adopts new electronic devices in emerging economies, urbanization accelerates at...

Connected Field of Dreams
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Jason Cradit, VP of Information Systems, Willbros Group, Inc.

Utility construction, like so much other infrastructure work isn’t done in a cubical or boardroom or even in a corner office. It’s done in fields. Literal fields. People get muddy, work rain or shine, and they build our nation’s...

Data as a Business Resource
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Jamie Adams, CIO, Mspark

As Rockefeller’s main source of wealth was oil, the 21st century magnates are focused on a completely different type of resource–data. In 2006, oil and energy companies dominated the list of top six most valuable firms in the...

Embracing Disruptive Technologies to Create Smart Business Processes
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Philippe Flichy, Director, Weatherford

Big Data, Cloud, RFIDs, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are part of a Digital Transformation, a common theme which can be observed across many industries. It corresponds in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry to a broadening of the...

The Five I's Approach to Business Performance
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Brian Letzkus, VP & CIO , The Williams Companies (“Williams”)

Job as a CIO Balancing your role as a Technology leader with being a Business leader. I have found the biggest issue I face is getting invited to the table to help solve a business problem regardless if there is a technology solution. ...

Using Pragmatic Analytical Tools to Advance Performance in Pipeline Companies
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Lee Laviolette, Managing Director & Global Oil and Gas Leader, Navigant Consulting

For decades, executives asked, “What is the value of automation?” in areas like remote tank farms and manifolds. To many, making those investments was a leap of faith, a belief in keeping up with best practice more than justifying...

Leveraging the Data from IoT
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Mike Shemancik, CIO, ABT Power Management

There is a lot of hype and excitement about the “Internet of Things” and the promise it brings around collecting and triangulating data from whatever array of sensors and devices are applicable to your business. The technical and...
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