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Decision Analytics Meets Asset Management
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Judi Hess, CEO, Copperleaf Technologies

Billions of dollars are being invested every year to sustain the infrastructure that we rely on each and every day. For the organizations that manage this critical infrastructure, physical assets are the backbone of their entire opera­tion and...

The Case for E&P Data Consortiums
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Preston Cody, Head of Analytics Lab, Wood Mackenzie

Over the past decade, the E&P industry has undergone a dramatic transformation both in terms digital technology advancement and adoption. Thanks to information technology (IT), data has become increasingly available –in real time and...

The New Tech Frontier for Utilities
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Greg Sarich, CIO, CLEAResult

In today’s day and age, we’re all immersed in a world bursting with technology. The phones in our pockets are essentially mini computers. The cars that we drive can park themselves. The refrigerators we have can tell us if...

Digitizing Infrastructures - Creating Value in the Era of Hybridity
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Dr. Lawrence Jones, VP-Utility Innovations & Infrastructure Resilience, Alstom Grid

Hybridity Gains Momentum Today, our lives depend on energy, water, transportation and telecommunication services provided by utility companies. In many parts of the world, these physical infrastructures-the cornerstone of modernity, were...

Grid4C: Artifical Intelligence - Squeezing Value from IoT Data
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Dr. Noa Ruschin Rimini, Founder & CEO

Global leader in providing cutting-edge predictive analytics offerings through proprietary machine learning algorithms in the energy value chain

RapidMiner: Empowering Enterprises with Predictive Analytics
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Peter Lee, President & CEO

Provides open source predictive analytics platform empowering enterprises closing the loop between insight and action