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Six Facts You Need to Know About Solar Energy
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Jonathan Doochin, CEO, Soligent Holdings, Soligent Distribution & Stellar Energy GP

For more than a decade, solar-powered energy has made a quiet but remarkable transformation. What was once a slow payback niche technology is now a high payback broad solution. At  Soligent, we see this daily when supporting the thousands...

Oil and Gas Industry to benefit from Cloud
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Jeff T. Taynton, CTO, Fielding Systems

Fielding Systems made a decision to adopt the Microsoft  Azure cloud platform early on in its lifecycle because we saw  greater value compared to other cloud services in building on top of what was a true PaaS (Platform as a Service) and...

New Technologies Transforming Water Management
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With the exponential growth in the world’s population water resources is becoming more scarce, and adequate water management is in dire need. Water scarcity is making it exceedingly challenging to supply clean water resources to people and...

Time To Think Differently
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Joseph DiBiase, Director Global Information Security, Interface

As with many of my CISO colleagues, our businesses have been moving (sometimes slowly and sometimes very quickly) to the cloud. We see constant introduction of new SaaS applications and utilization of PaaS and IaaS services from Amazon, Microsoft,...

Emergence of Collaborative Technologies for Energy Management
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Atul Agrawal, CEO & Founder, Innologix Consulting

Energy systems have traditionally worked as isolated systems. Every large energy organization has put in place multiple technologies and enterprise level systems to manage energy. Non-energy companies may not have put adequate focus on energy....

A Perspective on Driving Digital Transformation
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Marcelo De Santis, Former Group CIO Pirelli, Startup Advisor, 1871

How do you see companies embracing digital transformation? What are the challenges? I see two main challenges. The first one, defining ‘why’ and ‘what’ of digital transformation. Digital transformation is about...

New Thinking on Data Center Power Security
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Peter Gross, VP, Mission Critical Systems, Bloom Energy

It has been a year of many shocking and extreme weather events across the USA: bomb cyclones, hurricanes and wildfires have wreaked havoc from Florida to California. Despite the massive toll of these catastrophic events, one severe lightning storm...

On POINT with SharePoint 2010
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Onyeka Nchege, CIO, Interstate Batteries

Now in their 3rd iteration with SharePoint (v3, v7, v10 and soon v13), it’s safe to say that for their intranet/extranet, Microsoft SharePoint is the enterprise “platform of choice.” The primary reason? Simply put, for Interstate...

Top Trends in Big Data
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It has been predicted by International Data Corporation (IDC) that the revenue of Big Data worldwide will surpass $200 billion by 2020. It has the potential to offer remarkable insights or completely overwhelm the users. In the end, the choice...

A Next Generation Grid Needs Input and Participation of the Next Generation
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Andrew Johnston, Chief Evangelist, ResilientGrid and Director, Navigant Consulting

If the grid of the 20th century was built in the image of the greatest generation and the Eisenhower Administration, then the grid of the 21st century is built in the image of millennials. As such, millennials have a growing role in shaping...

Data as a Business Resource
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Jamie Adams, CIO, Mspark

As Rockefeller’s main source of wealth was oil, the 21st century magnates are focused on a completely different type of resource–data. In 2006, oil and energy companies dominated the list of top six most valuable firms in the...

Energy Analytics: Evolving Beyond Data Intelligence
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Tom Watson, Director Infrastructure Operations, Williams

Williams is a premier provider of large-scale infrastructure connecting U.S. natural gas and natural gas products to growing demand for cleaner fuel and feedstocks. When it comes to the geographic footprint, our facilities are spread across...

Cloud Computing for Utilities
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Greg Richards, VP of DevOps, Itron

In the utility industry, the cloud is an old concept. People don’t generate their own power, have a water treatment plant in their backyard or chop and store wood every fall for a long winter. They rely on a scalable and highly reliable...

Empower the Data Center
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Matt Keller, Director of IT Infrastructure & Operations, IGS Energy

As IT professionals look at the landscape of IT infrastructure, it’s not difficult to see where the trends lie when it comes to where companies store and operate the backend systems that run their day-to-day functions. Cloud Solutions such...

Living in Exponential Times
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Bill Miller, CIO, EMS USA, Inc.

Looking back at Moore’s law, which stated that processor speeds would double every 18-24 months, one can easily observe how quickly technology is advancing. Virtually every aspect of technology is evolving concurrently, and at...

The Evolving Cyber Threat
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Robert H. Mcclanahan, VP & CIO, Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation

Some days I wonder why we connected our organization to the Internet. Sure, I was the one advocating for it when I was a technical manager. But it seems that for all of the benefit that it brings in efficiency, functionality and services, it...

Data-Driven Pipeline Management System for Oil and Gas Transportation in Unconventional Plays
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Dr. Huzeifa Ismail, Founder, Chirality Research Inc

Advances in horizontal drilling have made exploration of unconventional hydrocarbon resources commercially viable. However operators who exploit this resource must also deal with the enormous challenges. One of such challenges is pipeline...

Summit Midstream Partners, LP It must be industry leading
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Ken Bussell, VP of Enterprise Technology, Summit Midstream Partners, LP

The requirements I received to design and develop a new control center from our CEO, Steve Newby, and our COO, Rene Casadaban, were very direct and simple: It had to be functional, scalable, and industry leading. Having over 20 years of oil and...

Digital Transformations to Accelerate the Wave of Operational Efficiency
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Ethan Smith, VP, Oil and Gas, Frost & Sullivan

The most important innovation in the past 20 years with regards to GDP is the combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, better known as fraccing or fracking. According to IHS, 2.1 million jobs were generated due to...

Arundo: Smarter Operations through Industrial Analytics
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Tor Jakob Ramsøy, Founder & CEO

Arundo delivers assistance in industrial analytics to organizations belonging to the energy sector
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