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Sodium and Potassium Based Batteries - Future of Smart Grid
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The need for energy is ubiquitous, either in a stored form such as batteries or natural form such as heat or solar. And with the evolution of mankind and their technological advancements from manual gear vehicles to self-driving vehicles to space...

Sodium and Potassium Batteries Replacing Lithium In Future
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The world has witnessed the exponential growth of battery technology over the years. Along the timeline, batteries have become extremely sophisticated and compact and capable of powering more complex devices. However, this growth is also...

MSC Software: Game-Changing Simulation Technology
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Fred Harvey, Manager, Oil & Gas/ Industry Solutions

Develops simulation software technology that enables engineers to validate and optimize their designs using virtual prototypes

Innovative Space Technologies: Vanguards of Technology Development and Product Commercialization
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Keith Rhodes, Partner

Established to enable the growth of research and development (both fundamental and applied) from government, academic, and industry partnerships to mature technology offerings

DunAn Sensing: Durability, Reliability and Affordability
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Tom Nguyen, CEO

Develops high-performance and cost-effective pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters for various industrial sectors

Wise Men: Providing Better Business Insights with Big Data Implementation
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Juuhi Ahuja, CEO

Offers portfolio of solutions across several Middleware platforms, Applications, Cloud, Mobility and Analytics including Big Data

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