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Advanced Energy Reveals Industry's First Big Data Analytics Solution, PowerInsight
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The energy sector is entering a new era with Advanced Energy’s PowerInsight, the first of its kind big data analytics solution that leverages Machine Learning as well. FREMONT, CA: Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., a leading highly...

Here Is How AI Manages Your Phone Battery
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During the non-usage periods, the AI in smartphones could schedule tasks like application updates, creating a more robust user-experience, conserving additional battery life. FREMONT, CA: Researchers at outstanding universities have used...

Know How Oil & Gas Companies Outstretch Cash Flow Nirvana
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The oil and gas industry is making financial decisions based on cash flow suggestions to increase profits and productivity. FREMONT, CA: In all aspects of everyday life, the oil and gas industry plays an important role. The costs, use, and...

Smart Management of Regulatory Compliance Traffic
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Technology can be an incredible supporting partner for regulatory compliance. New generation solutions currently approach specific areas of concern, which includes security, record management, risk management, and business performance. FREMONT,...

Trending Technologies are All Set to Transform the Power Industry, See How!
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FREMONT, CA: To maintain the competency standards and address the growing market demands, the power utility industry finds it critical to adopt the advancing technological developments. The emerging technologies such as the Artificial Intelligence...

Reshaping Built Environment with Latest Tech Innovations
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As a driving force revolutionizing the world, technology is instrumental in modernizing human life. With the software deployments, Built environment (BE) is shifting its perceptions to the next level. Disrupting every critical aspect of lifestyle,...

Rise of the Machine: AI Will Change CRM and How You Engage Your Customers Forever
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Dr. Volker G. Hildebrand, Global VP, SAP Hybris

For many years, computers could play mathematical games like chess and the sheer computing horsepower was the key to their success. Last year, for the first time ever, a computer was able to play the complex board game of Go and win!...

Artificial Intelligence Explained.... with Cats and Dogs...
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Richard Bradley, Director, Digital Supply Networks at Deloitte

Artificial Intelligence is, at its heart, the discipline of building machines that think like humans in particular the development and display of learning and problem solving capabilities. There are hundreds of articles out there that talk...

The Case for E&P Data Consortiums
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Preston Cody, Head of Analytics Lab, Wood Mackenzie

Over the past decade, the E&P industry has undergone a dramatic transformation both in terms digital technology advancement and adoption. Thanks to information technology (IT), data has become increasingly available –in real time and...

The Digital Utility needs - and promotes - a Changing Corporate Culture
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Dr. Dirk E. Mahling, CMVP; VP – Technology and Strategy, Alliant Energy

Utilities and energy companies are rapidly adopting deeper and broader digitization to remain relevant to their customers and to respond to the changing parameters in the regulatory world. Solar arrays, large scale renewables, wind farms and the...

Transforming IT to Digital Technology
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Mano Mannoochahr, CIO, GE Energy Connections [NYSE: GE]

Role of a CIO Today The role of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) starts with positioning oneself as a transformational and digital change leader within the business. With availability of cloud computing to manage infrastructure layers of the...

Leveraging the Data from IoT
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Mike Shemancik, CIO, ABT Power Management

There is a lot of hype and excitement about the “Internet of Things” and the promise it brings around collecting and triangulating data from whatever array of sensors and devices are applicable to your business. The technical and...

TDE Group: Driving Oil and Gas Industry into the Digital Age
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Harald Freissmuth, CEO

TDE Group is a data-driven technologycompany that is leading the oil and gas drilling industry into the digital age.TDE is shifting the drilling world from surface centric data models to fully integrated predictive downhole models - based on high...

Grid4C: Artifical Intelligence - Squeezing Value from IoT Data
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Dr. Noa Ruschin Rimini, Founder & CEO

Global leader in providing cutting-edge predictive analytics offerings through proprietary machine learning algorithms in the energy value chain

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