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Rethinking Governance
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Vennard Wright, CIO, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

Historically, one of the most vexing challenges for central information technology (IT) organizations has been planning for and making informed decisions about requests for new projects, such as the implementation of a new enterprise system or an...

The Rise of Flexible Battery Storage
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Raiford Smithis, VP-Energy Technology & Analytics, Entergy

Introduction Today’s energy storage technologies can be categorized into mechanical, electrochemical, and electrical. Some well-known storage technologies include pumped hydro storage, flywheel, lithium ion batteries, lead acid batteries,...

Protecting the Grid from Collapsing
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By Andrew Johnston, Chief Evangelist, ResilientGrid and Associate Director, Navigant Consulting

With most Puerto Ricans going into month three without power, and recent reports about Russian and Chinese cyber activities in North America, let us then pause for a moment and talk about collapse. It is on everyone's minds even if we're...

Cloud Computing for Advanced Power System Monitoring
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Eugene Litvinov, Chief Technologist, ISO New England

The rapid proliferation of new technologies is transforming how electricity is produced, delivered, and consumed. While offering many benefits, these changes are also increasing the complexity of power systems and requiring innovative approaches...

Is There Auditible Security in the Cloud?
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Preston Williams III, Senior Partner and CIO, GBC Global Services

Irecently watched the CSPAN coverage of cloud computing in political campaigns held at the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University. Participants shared their views about cloud computing in campaigns, but the issue...

Enevate: Next-Generation Battery Technology Solution
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Robert A. Rango, President and CEO

Manufactuer of advanced battery to deliver ultrafast charging, ultrahigh energy density, and plug-and-play compatibility with smartphones, ultrathin PCs and tablets

Zome Energy Networks: Next-Gen Distributed Energy Resource Optimization
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Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos, CEO

Offers a compelling solution set for distributed energy resource optimization

Landis+Gyr: Boosting Energy Efficiency with Smart Electricity
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Andreas Umbach, President and CEO

Provider of metering solutions for electricity, gas, heat/cold and water for energy measurement solutions for utilities.

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