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One step closer to batteryless smart devices
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The scientists at the University of Waterloo, Canada have taken a massive step towards designing battery-free smart devices. That is they do not need recharging either. These battery-free objects known as the Internet of Things (IoT)devices use an...

The Importance of Humans in Machine-Learning-Based Fraud Systems
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Nitesh Kumar, Head of Data Science, Affirm, Inc.

Fraud detection is one of the most challenging prediction problems for a machine learning system. At its heart, machine learning for fraud identification is a complex function that maps a set of attributes (IP address, address match, name match,...

Why Taming IoT Devices is the Next Challenge for Cybersecurity?
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Carl Herberger, VP of security solutions, Radware

If the number of new vulnerabilities in IoT devices were represented by raindrops, today there would be flood warnings across the nation. If the task of securing these devices were represented by climbing a mountain, it would be Everest to...

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