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Changing the Status Quo - How Data and Technology are Affecting Asset Management
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Steven Little BSc. (Hons) FRICS MIAM, Director - Asset & Project Management, WYG Group

We find ourselves in a world where data (and hence methods of collating and storing data) is on the verge of becoming, the foundation in all areas in which we operate. Whether we like it or not, we are moving to space where we trace routes through...

Here's How Technology is Revamping Oil & Gas Industry
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Oil and gas companies need to invest in emerging technologies that allow companies to make faster and better decisions, minimize costs, and improve efficiency and profits. FREMONT, CA: Over the years, Big Oil crashed on digitalization and new...

Re-Imagining DOF with I4.0 and Big Data
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Vinitha Moskal, President, SmartCost, Inc.

In the era of Industry 4.0 and Big Data, it may be hard to imagine that an industry as old and established as Oil & Gas has been leveraging technology and innovation since the years following World War II to optimize cost and improve...

What Potential Does The Real-Time Analytics Hold In The Energy Sector?
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The implementation of real-time data streams and predictive analytics will bestow the sector of utilities the capacity to make intelligent decisions that will improve operations, decrease downtime. FREMONT, CA: The radical changes that are...

Can IoT Overhaul The Management Of Energy Grid?
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IT/OT allows cost efficiency, improvements in reliability on new services across the utility sector. With increasingly efficient investments, a greater choice for the customer and a lower risk among operations results in an optimal operational...

How Can IoT Set Distributed Energy Resources Straight?
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To manage the DERs with the interjection of IoT, only one step is necessary. The selection of the right solution. FREMONT, CA: The integration of IoT in the energy sector avails visibility into the distributed energy assets and enables energy...

Game-Changing Energy Efficiency Innovations to Watch Out for!
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A world running on renewable energy system sounds as exciting as using it. As soon as the cost and performance standards of the resources start to improve, people will witness a growing demand for it across the globe. FREMONT, CA: With passing...

Internet of Things Webbing a Luxurious Sustainable Lifestyle through Efficient Energy Solutions
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From every gadget, machines to household items, reach of IoT devices encouraging the energy providers to innovate efficiency initiatives.  FREMONT, CA: The explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) in today’s era is not a surprise;...

How AI can Impact Energy Sector
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Nazim Osmancik, Group Head of Economics & Fundamentals, Centrica Plc

AI and ML are changing the world around us and the energy sector is no exception. Organizations that can harness their power in the right way and early on will benefit the most. Technology always played a crucial role in the energy sector,...

Securing the Energy Ecosystem in the Ripe IoT Age
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IoT, as one of the significant catalysts for the transformation in the energy and utility sector, drives enumerable opportunities prioritizing security.   FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Things (IoT) is already creating waves across both the...

The Fusion of Energy Sector and Big Data
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The new methods of legal guidelines, cost anxiety, and rising competition are the ones that are driving digitalization in the energy sector. FREMONT, CA: Three typical applications can entirely give a picture illustrating the benefits of the...

Data Analytics In Energy Sector: An Untapped Potential
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Businesses have the potential to capitalize on the data they own, but a very few have succeeded in doing it. The gap in execution is elaborated in the article. FREMONT, CA: The exponentially changing energy market is facilitating a data...

Operation with the Intelligent Grid
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Richard Mora, CEO

Landis+Gyr was awarded the new contract of managed services by Colorado Springs Utilities. FREMONT, CA: Landis+Gyr and Colorado Springs Utilities announced the grant of the contract to replace the utility’s end-of-life metering system...

Smart Technology Leading to Smarter Energy Practices
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Taking technology into its fold and assigning the right task to the right tool is how the energy industry plans to fly to the next level of efficiency and growth. FREMONT, CA: The energy sector is in the middle of dynamic changes. There is an...

IoT: Fostering the Use of Green Energy
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Non-renewable forms of energy are swiftly getting replaced by renewable forms with the help of IoT. FREMONT, CA: The energy sector has undergone massive transformations in the last two decades. Non-renewable forms of energy are swiftly getting...

5 Trends Transforming the Energy & Utilities Industry
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The intersection of user empowerment and enrichment of technology adoption is opening the door for new business models and opportunities for utilities. FREMONT, CA: As forces of change in the utilities and energy...

Top 3 Mandates to Embrace for Reducing Cyber Risk in the Power Sector
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Being subject to frequent cyberattacks, the power sector recognizes the threat and implements best of the security practices to respond to and prevent them.   FREMONT, CA: From smart meters, smart appliances to renewable energy...

Emerging AI Breakthroughs Revolutionizing the Energy Industry
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The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the energy industry is powering innovations and helping in developing the smart grid of the future.    FREMONT, CA: The energy sector has long been aware of the power of AI(Artificial...

IoT-powered Smart Grids to Power Tomorrow's Smart Cities
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IoT has the potential to present the people and governments with smart city solutions with the aid of Smart Grid Technology. FREMONT, CA: Humans are heavily dependent on electricity as it makes our life comfortable by powering numerous...

How to Develop an Energy Efficient Building Solution?
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As energy consumption increases in building sector, the Microgrids and IoT technology can resolve the problem caused due to traditional energy practices. FREMONT, CA: Post-2017, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) stated that...