Rethinking Governance
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Vennard Wright, CIO, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

Historically, one of the most vexing challenges for central information technology (IT) organizations has been planning for and making informed decisions about requests for new projects, such as the implementation of a new enterprise system or an...

How Virtual Assistants Introduced a Smart and Easy Self-Service Channel
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Renee Castillo, Senior Director of Customer Strategy, Salt River Project

Every year SRP’s Customer Services team fields millions of calls in our award-winning call center. We wanted to make a big leap by replacing our old Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) with emerging technology by introducing a...

Advanced Data Analytics Turning Data into Actions for Energy Utilities
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Lynn Barnes, VP, Data Analytics & Insights, Ameren

To deliver safe, reliable, and affordable energy, Ameren relies on the hard work and dedication of our 8600 co-workers to manage and operate a variety of energy centers, tens of thousands of miles of wiring and gas mains, nearly one million...

Embracing Disruptive Technologies to Create Smart Business Processes
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Philippe Flichy, Director, Weatherford

Big Data, Cloud, RFIDs, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are part of a Digital Transformation, a common theme which can be observed across many industries. It corresponds in the Upstream Oil & Gas industry to a broadening of the...

Finding the Right Balance between Protecting Data and Fostering Innovation
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Yanni Charalambous, VP & CIO, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Whether the reputation is fair or not, the oil and gas industry is often considered a “laggard” in adopting the latest technologies. Considering the current energy commodity price environment, adoption of new technology to improve...

Information Security: New Essential in Power Industry
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Phil Lambert, Director of Information Security, Granite Services

Information Security for the Power Industry  If you think of Information Technology as a mature field, then Information Security could be considered as a middle-aged discipline. While the need for Information Security has always...

An Integrated Grid at the Intersection of IT and OT
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Matt Wakefield, Director of Information, Communication & Cyber Security Research, Electric Power Research Institute

The U.S. electric power system and its many assets have per­formed remarkably well in the last 130 years, providing just-in-time electricity across America. Built on a hub and spoke model, the system integrates the physics of electricity...

Mine Data based on Business and Consumer Needs
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Stuart Kippelman, SVP & CIO, Covanta Energy Corporation

We are living in a world in which data drives almost every part of our lives. Every minute of every day, billions of bits and bytes of data from everywhere and anywhere are captured, stored, analyzed and ultimately utilized to influence human...

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