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A Bad Date: Are You Hiring Me, or My Rolodex?
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Warren Zenna, Founder & Principal, Zenna Consulting Group

A Bad Date: Are You Hiring Me, or My Rolodex? A close friend and seasoned sales rep who’s currently looking for a new sales gig seemed flustered and distracted during a coffee meeting last week. I asked him, ‘what’s on your...

The Power of Technology for Non-Profit Organizations
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Gail Hyde, VP-IT & CIO, Habitat for Humanity International

At Habitat for Humanity International, technology plays a large role in our efforts to help people build strength, stability and independence through shelter and transform communities around the world. Any nonprofit international nonprofits in...

Speed Approvals, Improve Compliance, Save Money: Harness the Power of Workflow Automation
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Rob Wilson, CTO, NeoSystems Corp.

Many compa­nies struggle with inconsist­ent cash flow, timely billing and prompt pay­ments. Inefficiencies in such processes can hinder business growth. As an on­shore business process outsourcing firm, NeoSystems’ clients...

Value of Analytics in Practical Work Life
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Dave Webb, CIO, Nebraska Public Power District

Last month, I talked about some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years and how they apply to my company’s analytics journey. You’ll see a theme continue as I wrap it up this month. None of my lessons are about technology....

Cyber Security and Integration of Information Technology
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Benjamin Beberness, CIO, Snohomish PUD

The Current Pain Points in the Industry Cyber security and integration of information technology and operational technology (IT/OT) are two challenges for the utility industry. • I don’t think there will ever be a silver bullet...

The Evolving Cyber Threat
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Robert H. Mcclanahan, VP & CIO, Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation

Some days I wonder why we connected our organization to the Internet. Sure, I was the one advocating for it when I was a technical manager. But it seems that for all of the benefit that it brings in efficiency, functionality and services, it...

The Challenge to Utility CIO's of Extending the Data Network to the Electrical Grid
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Jeff Buxton, Executive Consultant, Black & Veatch

The Challenge of Smart Grid Data Utilities undertaking efforts to improve efficiency, customer service and deliver always-on reliability face a broad range of challenges. Today, the dramatic evolution of utility distribution grids includes a...

Adaptive Analytics: Big Data for Small Business
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Parnell Woodard, Founder

Offers expertise in areas of data, including; Data Capture, Data Integration, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization, to help their clients achieve their data goals

ClickSoftware: Optimizing Field Service Engagement
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Tom Heiser, CEO

Offers mobile solutions that help in seamlessly monitoring tools and workforce for better customer service

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