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Connected Field of Dreams
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Jason Cradit, VP of Information Systems, Willbros Group, Inc.

Utility construction, like so much other infrastructure work isn’t done in a cubical or boardroom or even in a corner office. It’s done in fields. Literal fields. People get muddy, work rain or shine, and they build our nation’s...

Integrating Drones into the Most Complex Airspace in the World
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Sean S Torpey, Director Of Infrastructure and Operations, FAA

Every day, more than 2 million passengers and 50,000 tons of cargo fly on 27,000 commercial flights within 5 million square miles of U.S. airspace. At any given time, roughly 7,000 pilots are airborne in aircrafts of different shapes and sizes....

Using Information to Feed the World
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Joe Krkoska, Director-Supply Chain, Dow AgroSciences

In history books of the future, today’s society will be portrayed as a period of unprecedented information availability that enabled productivity increases as significant as the global industrial revolution. There are simply so many pivot...

How the Internet of Things can Unearth Innovation in Oil & Gas Industry
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Allen Proithis, President, North America, Sigfox

In the Internet of Things (IoT), there are devices that scream data and devices that whisper data. Devices that scream data are energy intensive as they transport persistent data. While these devices attract much of the excitement in the...

Drilling for Value in the Digital Oil field
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Greg Mitchell, MD, Deloitte

The oil and gas industry is deep into a transformative period of digitization. At Deloitte, we’re charting dramatic changes across the industry, generated by more accessible and applicable data, insights and technologies including analytics...

Oil and Gas Space Aligns Itself to Today's Technology Disruption
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John Boden, VP of Information and Member Services, Society of Petroleum Engineers

The low price of crude oil has been the key factor in the oil and gas market since late 2014. That translates to a need for improved efficiency and innovation. The Technology Roadmap for the Oil and Gas sector At our SPE CIO Round Table...

Cloud Computing for Advanced Power System Monitoring
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Eugene Litvinov, Chief Technologist, ISO New England

The rapid proliferation of new technologies is transforming how electricity is produced, delivered, and consumed. While offering many benefits, these changes are also increasing the complexity of power systems and requiring innovative approaches...

Technology in Utilities
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Alberto Ruocco, AEP VP & CIO, Greg Filipkowski, AEP Director of Demand Management, Customer Operations & Distribution, American Electric Power

The Evolution of IT Investments Utilities historically have been considered late adopters of information technology (IT). Because our companies are largely regulated, utilities can earn a return for capital investments that create new assets...

Mine Data based on Business and Consumer Needs
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Stuart Kippelman, SVP & CIO, Covanta Energy Corporation

We are living in a world in which data drives almost every part of our lives. Every minute of every day, billions of bits and bytes of data from everywhere and anywhere are captured, stored, analyzed and ultimately utilized to influence human...

NC4: A Leader in Safety and Security
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Karl Kotalik, President and CEO

NC4® revolutionizes safety and security solutions for both business and government organizations

Scorpius Trackers: Maximizing Solar Panel Efficiency
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Shailesh Vaidya, Co-Founder

Scorpius Trackers provides a complete solar tracking solution comprising maintenance-free pivots, cutting edge electronics and structures. With their in-house expertise, they guide their customers through the design, installation, and maintenance....

InSight Mobile Data: GPS Monitoring of On-field Activities
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John Eller,Founder & President

Develops innovative, flexible fleet management, asset tracking, and mobility solutions that provide real-time visibility into the mobile work environment

CartoPac International: Mobile Solutions for Utility Asset Management
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Bud Michael, CEO

Provides comprehensive mobile and location aware solutions for the collection of field data critical to utility asset management

mJobTime Corporation: A Trailblazer in Field Resource Management
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Mike Soniat, Director of Technical Services

Advanced mobile time tracking and job tracking software for energy and construction companies

SEE Forge: Flexible Application Builder for Complicated Workflows
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James McDonough, Founder & CEO

Empowering organizations with apps in a simple drag and drop way, to instantly simplify key processes, integrate with existing plant and ERP systems and rapidly deploy across the enterprise

PrimeStone: Meter Data Collection and Analysis Simplified
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Andy Schechter, VP

Combines data collection and analytics in one single platform, providing utilities with timely data, improved quality and control and operational reliability

Geographic Technologies Group: Bringing Change in the Utilities
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David Holdstock, CEO

A full-service local government GIS consulting company offering GIS products that spatially enable various enterprise solutions and integrates an organization's IT investment via a common interface.

TagStone: Proffering Real-time Visibility in Hazardous Environments
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Muthla Al Sayer, CEO

TagStone’s industry-compliant solutions help track both people and equipment in hazardous onshore and offshore environment.

CompassData: Taking Location Awareness to the Next Level
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W. Brant Howard, Co-Founder & CEO

CompassData is well versed in pipeline locating and mapping, oil and gas pad inventory and compliance surveys and web map hosting.

AIRmobility: Field Force Automation to Accelerate Business Processes
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Sean Crowley, President (North American Region)

AIRmobility’s objective is to provide managements have detailed visibility into the field activities without physically being there

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