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What GIS Means to Asset Management in Energy Industry
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The GIS mapping is proving to be a savior of energy firms, helping achieve excellence in asset management, and thereby optimizing ROI.     FREMONT, CA: Energy firms are asset-intensive, and assets are the essence of the...

Integrating GIS and Data to Improve Service Delivery and Asset Management
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Izak Maitin, Director of Information Technology, Philadelphia Streets Department

The City of Philadelphia has a long history applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Adopted in the early 1990s by the Streets Department, GIS has become part of the fabric defining information technology for the agency. Meeting the...

Is Big Data a Trouble-Maker in the Energy Industry?
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The energy sector constantly collects large amounts of data with the help of applications of sensors, wireless transmission, network communication, and cloud computing technologies. It is overwhelming to find the amount of data that it collects on...

The Tools and Technology that Boost Field Service Performance
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Mike Marsters, Assistant Vice President, Systems Operations, Washington Gas

Washington Gas has been the hometown provider of natural gas service in Washington, D.C. for more than 171-years, and is proud of our ongoing commitment to serve our customers reliably and safely each and every day. We are passionate about...

The Digital Vision
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Cynthia Johnson, CIO, California Resources Corporation

The digital oilfield vision includes many use cases of technology. Advancements for the oilfield are keeping up and maybe outpacing Moore’s Law which suggests technology capability doubles every two years. However, the application of...

Cloud Considerations in Asset Management Intensive Organizations
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Hart Levy, Director, Management Consulting - EAM & MRO Spares Inventory, Hitachi Consulting

Four Areas to Evaluate Prior to Pursuing that Path Newer workforces expect greater access to a wide variety of data availability via the internet and through mobile devices. The Asset Management Cloud continues to expand that transformation to...

Asset Management in Utility Organizations
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Milind Nazare, Vice President Operations & Delivery, Avertra Corp

Assets are the lifeblood of the utilities industry. Power and Gas stations, Distribution and Transmission Lines, Storage Wells, Generation Plants, Exploration, and the list goes on. Apart from gas, water, electric and waste carrying assets, there...

Beyond the Map: Building Competitive Advantage through Leveraging Geospatial Data
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Nate Haskin, Chief Data Officer, S&P Global

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) offer a framework for understanding information in relation to its physical location in space. And GIS technology today takes us far beyond traditional cartography to providing key dimensions of location and...

Reinventing Electric Power Value Chain
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Joseph Santamaria, SVP & Chief Information & Digital Officer, PSEG

The energy grid is being transformed into a smarter, cleaner and more distributed network that must satisfy escalating customer and societal expectations. The increased demands range from integrating emerging energy technologies (renewables,...

Innovation in New Energy Sources
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Consumers are challenging and changing the traditional business model for utilities owing to the increased demand for solar and wind to supplement their energy needs and lower their costs. While the rise of prosumers and renewable energy...

Big Data That Flies: Data Acquisition With Aerial Drones
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Robert E. Sinclair, Corporate CAD Technology Manager, Civil & Environmental Consultants

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, have moved from “cool toy” to “essential workhorse” in the minds of many businesspeople – particularly those in the construction, oil and gas, mining, and aggregate...

The Power of Technology for Non-Profit Organizations
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Gail Hyde, VP-IT & CIO, Habitat for Humanity International

At Habitat for Humanity International, technology plays a large role in our efforts to help people build strength, stability and independence through shelter and transform communities around the world. Any nonprofit international nonprofits in...

The Power of Prediction through Grid Analytics
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Soorya Kuloor, CTO, Advanced Grid Analytics, Landis+Gyr

Distribution utilities are increasingly adopting analytics products into their enterprise IT portfolios. Analytics use cases are focused towards very diverse areas including finance, enterprise and customers. Grid analytics is a piece of this...

The Digital Vision
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Cynthia Johnson, Ex CIO, California Resources Corporation

The digital oilfield vision includes many use cases of technology. Advancements for the oilfield are keeping up and maybe outpacing Moore’s Law which suggests technology capability doubles every two years. However, the application of...

Leveraging Drones to Increase Safety and Productivity
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Hugo Vasquez, Deputy CIO, The AES Corporation

Imagine you need to inspect and possibly repair a large and critical electrical wire. There are hospitals, businesses and households depending on your work. Now imagine that wire is suspended 120 feet up in the air and you are teetering next to it...

An Integrated Grid at the Intersection of IT and OT
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Matt Wakefield, Director of Information, Communication & Cyber Security Research, Electric Power Research Institute

The U.S. electric power system and its many assets have per­formed remarkably well in the last 130 years, providing just-in-time electricity across America. Built on a hub and spoke model, the system integrates the physics of electricity...

The Challenge to Utility CIO's of Extending the Data Network to the Electrical Grid
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Jeff Buxton, Executive Consultant, Black & Veatch

The Challenge of Smart Grid Data Utilities undertaking efforts to improve efficiency, customer service and deliver always-on reliability face a broad range of challenges. Today, the dramatic evolution of utility distribution grids includes a...

UMS Group: Holistic Asset Management Transformation
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John M. Shearman, CEO

Being globally operational in the energy and utilities asset management space for the last 30 years, UMS Group holds in-depth cognizance of the obstacles that block organizational growth. Having access to emerging technologies and insights into...

Quantitative Business Analytics (QBA): Pinpoint Solutions for Big Data
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Gerard V Metzler, Founder & President

Provides their customers with business analytics, big data, large scale data mining, and data filtration capabilities

NC4: A Leader in Safety and Security
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Karl Kotalik, President and CEO

NC4® revolutionizes safety and security solutions for both business and government organizations