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New Thinking on Data Center Power Security
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Peter Gross, VP, Mission Critical Systems, Bloom Energy

It has been a year of many shocking and extreme weather events across the USA: bomb cyclones, hurricanes and wildfires have wreaked havoc from Florida to California. Despite the massive toll of these catastrophic events, one severe lightning storm...

Four Reasons Why You Need a Third-Party Security Assessment
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Jeff Cann, CIO, Encore Electric

Recently, social media giant Facebook announced that a security breach exposed the accounts of 50 million of its users. There will be significant impacts caused by this breach and it is another example of why information security is scaring...

Will the Smart Meter Deliver on its Promise?
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John Burke, CIO, Ambit Energy

At the start of 2018 there were 71 million smart meters installed in the US funded by the promise of smarter grids, fewer carbon emissions, and more satisfied consumers. A smart meter infrastructure lays the groundwork for dynamic pricing, demand...

AI is not just for SiliconValley: Powering Changes in the Energy Sector
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Chris Shelton, President, AES Next, The AES Corporation

The potential for AI extends far beyond the borders of Silicon Valley and the tech giants we're used to hearing about; i.e. Google, Facebook and Apple. For a historically asset-driven industry like the energy sector, AI can accelerate the...

Data as a Business Resource
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Jamie Adams, CIO, Mspark

As Rockefeller’s main source of wealth was oil, the 21st century magnates are focused on a completely different type of resource–data. In 2006, oil and energy companies dominated the list of top six most valuable firms in the...

Meeting the Changing Needs of Customers
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Joseph Santamaria, CIO, PSEG

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey and PSEG hard. Tens of thousands of utility lines were downed by trees, 2,400 utility poles were damaged, thousands of gas meters were flooded and power plants saw water rise well above historic levels,...

Exelon Utilities Meeting the Need to Exceed Customer Expectations through Innovation
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Michael Menendez, Information Technology VP, Customer, BGE (Baltimore Gas and Electric Company)

Background Customers’ needs are evolving at a rapid pace, along with their expectations for how they communicate with their service providers.  The Exelon utilities – Atlantic City Electric in New Jersey, BGE in Maryland, ComEd...

First Solar: Enabling Sustainable Photovoltaics
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Mark Widmar, CEO

The company’s integrated power plant solutions deliver an economically attractive alternative to fossil-fuel electricity generation today

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