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Cyber Switching Takes a Quantum leap in Power Management with Enhanced Configuration Release
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Ron Silorio, CTO

Electricity has gone “off the grids,” and has reached to our roads in the form of electric vehicles. It is time for ardent “petrol-head” and their dependents to embrace the reality and acknowledge that the electric vehicles...

Reinventing Electric Power Value Chain
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Joseph Santamaria, SVP & Chief Information & Digital Officer, PSEG

The energy grid is being transformed into a smarter, cleaner and more distributed network that must satisfy escalating customer and societal expectations. The increased demands range from integrating emerging energy technologies (renewables,...

Top Technologies in Energy and Utilities in 2018
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Melvin Leong, Associate Director, Energy & Environment, Frost & Sullivan

The future of energy and utilities will focus on several key technology innovations that will boost industry operational efficiency and possibly change business models and competitive landscape. For example, advancements in waste heat recovery,...

Management Of Big Data To Drive Utility Transformation
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Dr. Mani Vadari, President, Modern Grid Solutions

The utility industry had been in a slow evolutionary mode since the middle of the 20th century. However, over the last 10-15 years, the pace of change has dramatically changed and much of this happening through the implementation of technology....

Strategic Management of Energy Resources
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David Jacot, Director of Efficiency Solutions, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Increased penetration of renewable energy into power grids and the growing popularity of wind energy and electric vehicles require utilities to strategically manage power loads by exercising greater control over the grid, to keep the load in...

How Do We Manage the Complexity of the Electric Grid?
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Eugene Litvinov, Chief Technologist, ISO New England Inc.

“Complex systems are counterintuitive. That is, they give indications that suggest corrective action which will often be ineffective or even adverse in its results,”says Jay Wright, Forrester.  Power Industry is facing...

EMaaS - The Convergence of the Cloud and Critical Infrastructure
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Marc DeNarie, CIO, NaturEner USA

Today, Saas, IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, DRaaS has become commonplace for an IT executive to outsource a wide range of services to the cloud to reduce costs and complexity. Software, Infrastructure, Platform, Desktop, and even Disaster recovery are the...

New Collaborations Expand GridPoint's Channel Partner Program
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ARLINGTON, VA: GridPoint, a provider of data-driven Energy Management Solutions (EMS), is on a drive to expand its Channel Partner Program. In the last couple of months, GridPoint has collaborated with companies providing energy solutions....

R3 Retail Development: A Systematic Approach to Energy Management
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Rick Ferguson, Chief Engineer & Co-Owner and Suzanne Ferguson, Chief of Operations & Co-Owner

R3 Retail Development is a leading Energy Management Solutions provider helping businesses maximize efficiency

IncSys: The Future of Energy Management and Training
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Dr. Robin Podmore, President

Provides training and customized simulation models for power operator training, on a SaaS basis

EnerNOC [NASDAQ: ENOC]: Turning Energy Data into Competitive Advantage
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Tim Healy, CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder

EnerNOC offers technology-enabled energy management solutions for commercial and industrial customers, utilities, and grid operators

ECM – Energy Management Services: Energy Management at its Best
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Eugene Garcia, President

Provider of data analytical driven solutions in the energy procurement & management landscape

MACH Energy: Efficient Energy Management for Property Managers
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Jon Moeller, CEO

Provides cloud based energy management solution to control operating expenses for office assets

EnTouch Controls: The Power of IoT in Energy Management
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Greg Fasullo, CEO

Provides energy intelligence software (EIS) to accurately assess and control energy consumption and expenditure

Energy Hippo: Integrated Solutions to Empower Energy Management
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Nitin Manchanda, CEO

Provides Enterprise Energy Management Suite (EEM Suite™) to integrate dispersed energy management systems and converse energy

Choice Energy Services (CES): Powering Streamlined Energy Management
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Kivanc ‘Kiki’ Dikmen, Managing Partner

Renders a complete suite of Energy Management Services (EMS) supported by in-house facility intelligence solutions

Advanced Control Systems: Power Grids Augmented with Real-Time Information
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Kevin, Sullivan CEO

A leading provider of smart grid solutions to the global electric power industry, helping utilities build the next-generation grid for reliable, secure and efficient power delivery

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