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Smart Meter, Smart Grid, Smart Networks and Smart Innovations
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Summary: Smart meters are gaining popularity in the past year, but how can the awareness be spread? Who is supporting the manufacture of smart meter? And what are its advantages? FREMONT, CA: Smart meters have emerged in the electricity supply...

Future of Energy Landscape at a Glance
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Energy landscape has evolved fairly with time. From thermal to nuclear power sources, it has traveled a long journey; still, it has a long path to go. Decarbonization of energy space has been strived for long. Although nuclear power plants have...

Strategic Management of Energy Resources
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David Jacot, Director of Efficiency Solutions, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Increased penetration of renewable energy into power grids and the growing popularity of wind energy and electric vehicles require utilities to strategically manage power loads by exercising greater control over the grid, to keep the load in...

Evolution Energy Partners: Energy Efficiency Regulations are Hitting U.S. Cities. How Can Businesses Prepare?
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Chuck Hurchalla, President, Vanessa Strausser , VP of Energy Procurement and Rob Holdsworth, VP of Engineering

Provides utility bill auditing, budgeting, benchmarking, utility tariff analysis, and risk management, EEP assists companies to identify, develop, and finance projects including energy efficiency improvements, Combined Heat & Power, and lighting...

Helios Energy: Powering Intelligent, Clean Energy Initiatives
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Matt Brzica, Executive Vice President, Energy Solutions

Delivers clean energy solutions and services

METRON: Toward an Energy-Efficient Future
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Vincent Sciandra, Founder & CEO

Provides an innovative approach to big data energy management technologies and services, allowing companies to maximize the value of their energy resources

Tendril: Bringing the Data Revolution to Energy
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Adrian Tuck, CEO

Tendril delivers solutions to utilities for smarter grid management and enhanced consumer engagement capabilities

Opower[NYSE:OPWR]: Changing the World with Data Analytics
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Daniel Yates, Founder & CEO

Develops home energy management software by combining data management, insightful analytics, and behavioral science

TROVE: Data Science for Insightful Actions
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Ted Schultz, CEO

A software provider of predictive data science solutions that enable clients to deliver business value through insightful actions

Comverge: Integrated Demand Management Solutions Provider
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Gregory J. Dukat, Chairman, President, and CEO

A demand response and energy efficiency solutions provider enabling electric utilities to ensure grid reliability, lower energy costs, and meet regulatory demands

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