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Powering Innovation: Li-Ion Batteries Challenges and Opportunities for Autonomous Vehicles Applications
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Said Al-Hallaj, Chairman/CEO and Co-Founder, All Cell Technologies LLC

With companies like Tesla, General Motors, and Ford promising to deliver fully self-driving electric vehicles by 2021, autonomous vehicles (AV) are imminent to disrupt the existing so called “old-fashioned” automotive industry. When...

Is Your Organization Ready For Drones?
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Dr. Jonathan Reichental, CIO, City Of Palo Alto

I used to look at drones from a distance. Not anymore. 15-year old Luke Bannister had a proud and exuberant smile on his face. He had just flown the flight of his life hurtling at stunning speeds and taking steep corners, avoiding obstacles,...

The Weakest Link Is Your Strongest Security Asset
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Christian Anschuetz, CIO & Security Practitioner, UL

Despite Firms' Best Efforts, Security Vulnerabilities Are Increasing From the infamous Sony hack and other high-profile data breaches to Heartbleed, Shellshock and the new wave of mass mobile threats, 2014 was an historic (if woeful) year...

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Challenges, Implications, and Opportunities for Autonomous Systems in Aerospace and Defense
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Ravi Ravichandran, Ph.D., Director, BAE Systems Technology Solutions [LSE:BA]

Commercial applications of artificial intelligence and robotics have been developed with decades of investment and are mature technologies either fielded or on a path to be fielded for a variety of applications that include repetitive and precise...

Blockchain: A Solution to Critical Challenges in Multiple Industries
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Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Technology Fellow & Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton, and Adjunct Professor, Oklahoma State University

Critical infrastructures like energy sector faces many challenges. One of the top problems is cyber-attacks for various nefarious reasons. Even oil and gas industry is a target of similar cyber-attacks. In oil and gas industry there is the...

Ushering a New Era of Clean Energy Nuclear Reactors
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Dr. Jose Reyes, CTO, NuScale Power

The Multi-Module Challenge: As NuScale Power moves forward, we typically find ourselves talking about the NuScale Power Module in terms of size, simplicity, reliability, cost and constructability. While all of these are important areas where...

An Integrated Grid at the Intersection of IT and OT
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Matt Wakefield, Director of Information, Communication & Cyber Security Research, Electric Power Research Institute

The U.S. electric power system and its many assets have per­formed remarkably well in the last 130 years, providing just-in-time electricity across America. Built on a hub and spoke model, the system integrates the physics of electricity...

Lockheed Martin Drives the Movement against Climate Change
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FREMONT, CA: The world has been consuming more energy than produced and climate change is accelerating that results the rise in temperature. With these words, Marillyn Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin, indicates that the company will continue its...

Emilygrene Corp.: Embracing a G-R-E-N-E Tomorrow
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Burke Ewers, CEO

A national provider of design and implementation energy efficiency solutions for homes and businesses focused on reducing energy use and generating long-term energy related cost savings

NC4: A Leader in Safety and Security
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Karl Kotalik, President and CEO

NC4® revolutionizes safety and security solutions for both business and government organizations

Innovative Space Technologies: Vanguards of Technology Development and Product Commercialization
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Keith Rhodes, Partner

Established to enable the growth of research and development (both fundamental and applied) from government, academic, and industry partnerships to mature technology offerings

CleanSpark: MaaS, an Efficient Answer to Energy Management
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Michael Firenze, CEO

Provides advanced energy management and modeling software and systems products to enable the integration, installation, and operation and maintenance of virtual power plants and microgrids

BeyondTrust: Delivering Visibility to Reduce Internal and External Risks
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Kevin Hickey, President & CEO

Provides privilege and vulnerability management solutions that deliver the visibility to reduce risks and the control to act against data breach threats

Energy Systems Network: Innovation and Collaboration-Building Smart Powergrid Ecosystem
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Paul Mitchell, President and CEO

Accelerates energy technology development and commercialization through cross-industry partnerships

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