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How to Maintain Optimal Temperature in a Data Center?
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Optimizing a data center makes the facility attractive to clients, more agile and less prone to downtime, among other benefits. Common problems in optimizing data centers include providing too little or too much air, excessively dry or moist...

New Thinking on Data Center Power Security
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Peter Gross, VP, Mission Critical Systems, Bloom Energy

It has been a year of many shocking and extreme weather events across the USA: bomb cyclones, hurricanes and wildfires have wreaked havoc from Florida to California. Despite the massive toll of these catastrophic events, one severe lightning storm...

Leverage The Capabilities Of Technology
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Bob Klunk, Managing Director, DMI Fulfillment

I have worked with companies ranging from start-ups to multibillion dollar corporations since the eighties. I find there is nearly as much variation in technology and capability from company to company today as there was25 years ago. I began...

5 Trends that Will Impact the Present Power and Energy Realm
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In a cybernetic world where data and energy is constantly growing, there is a clear trajectory of increasing reliance on and proliferation of electric vehicles, data centers, powerful industrial motors, renewable energy, and smart consumer...

Energy is Our New Data Network: How are You Unlocking Value?
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Nick Perugini, CIO, Current, Powered by GE [NYSE: GE]

A CIO involved in energy decisions? It is certainly not something my younger IT self would have imagined being in a CIO job description, but it is the place I find myself most days. In a world where one of a business’ biggest...

Empower the Data Center
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Matt Keller, Director of IT Infrastructure & Operations, IGS Energy

As IT professionals look at the landscape of IT infrastructure, it’s not difficult to see where the trends lie when it comes to where companies store and operate the backend systems that run their day-to-day functions. Cloud Solutions such...