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Operationalizing Big Data to Improve Quality and Reduce Costs
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Bill Mannel, VP & General Manager - HPC, Big Data & IoT Solutions, HPE Servers, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

As Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to reshape the competitive landscape of industrial manufacturing, converting information into intelligence has become critical, and manufacturers are seeking new ways to streamline production,...

Strategic Management of Energy Resources
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David Jacot, Director of Efficiency Solutions, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Increased penetration of renewable energy into power grids and the growing popularity of wind energy and electric vehicles require utilities to strategically manage power loads by exercising greater control over the grid, to keep the load in...

Promise of Data Analytics
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John Kochavatr, Chief Information Officer & Digital Leader, GE Water & Process Technologies

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Data Analytics Data and analytics provide a lot of opportunity for businesses these days, offering economically viable ways to generate new algorithms, enable scalability, and remove barriers so businesses can be...

Building a Future Proof ERP Platform
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Jorge Frausto, CIO-Global ERP, GE Power

Cloud Computing For the ERP Cloud computing is the future of ERP. Not only can it cut the cost of running the infrastructure significantly, it can also help drive the standardization agenda, which is so critical in making an ERP roll out...

Interconnecting Applications to Revolutionize Energy Industry
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Jerry Sullivan, VP, IT & CIO at OUC, The Reliable OneTM

The energy industry is meeting an immense precipice with the advent of ‘Smart Grid’ technology and all the information it generates. We have all this data and the overwhelming question is what to do with it? Beyond big data and smart...

Value by Design-Using Analytics to Solve Real Business Problems
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Mike Giles, SVP & CIO, Express Energy Services

Much has been written and said about the power of analytics in today’s business world. Whether as a means of deciphering what has already happened, understanding what is currently going on or predicting what might happen, there is no lack of...

Noah Consulting: Unique Blend of Information and Energy expertise
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John Ruddy, President

Provider of information management solutions coupled with best-in-class data management, data warehousing, data integration, business intelligence, information quality, and master data management solutions

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