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Digitizing Infrastructures - Creating Value in the Era of Hybridity
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Dr. Lawrence Jones, VP-Utility Innovations & Infrastructure Resilience, Alstom Grid

Hybridity Gains Momentum Today, our lives depend on energy, water, transportation and telecommunication services provided by utility companies. In many parts of the world, these physical infrastructures-the cornerstone of modernity, were...

Change and the CIO
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Patrick Ciganer, CIO, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

The past decade has brought more significant transformational and disruptive change to the information management and technology environment than has been seen since the advent of the personal computer in the 1970s. "Creating and regularly...

Energy Sector Turning Into Hacker's Favorite
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Barb Volk, CIO & MD - Information Services, NW Natural

The areas in the Utility sector where solutions do not yet exist or not up to the mark, and which if existed, would've made job easier. Knowing that we, as a natural gas utility, are a potential high-priority target for cybercrime...

NC4: A Leader in Safety and Security
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Karl Kotalik, President and CEO

NC4® revolutionizes safety and security solutions for both business and government organizations

Vectren: Freeing Up Innovation Cycles: The Shifting Role Of The CIO
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Doug Petitt, CIO & VP of IT

A progressive energy holding company that delivers gas and electricity to more than 1 million customers in the adjoining service territories of Indiana

EnerNex: Scripting a New Era in Grid Modernization
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Ron Chebra, VP of Grid Modernization

Provides state-of-the-art grid modernization solutions along with research, engineering, and consulting services for the electric power utilities sector

IncSys: The Future of Energy Management and Training
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Dr. Robin Podmore, President

Provides training and customized simulation models for power operator training, on a SaaS basis

SUBNET Solutions Inc.: Mapping the Next-Gen Smart Grid
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Ameen Hamdon, Founder and President

Provides vendor-agnostic device management and integration solutions for energy and utilities

Solutionary: Effective Monitoring of the Complete Security Lifecycle
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Steve Idelman, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO

Provides managed security services and global threat intelligence

Skybox Security: Securing Data by Eliminating Attack Vectors
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Offers security management and operations with the tools they need to eliminate attack vectors and secure business data

CYBERBIT: Detecting and Responding to Advanced Cyber Threats in SCADA and IT Networks
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Adi Dar, CEO

Provides innovative solutions for detecting, analyzing and responding to advanced and targeted threats in IT and SCADA networks

Cigital: Simplifying Cyber Security
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John Wyatt, CEO

Provides security expertise and practices needed to build a successful software security initiative for the energy sector

BeyondTrust: Delivering Visibility to Reduce Internal and External Risks
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Kevin Hickey, President & CEO

Provides privilege and vulnerability management solutions that deliver the visibility to reduce risks and the control to act against data breach threats

Energy Systems Network: Innovation and Collaboration-Building Smart Powergrid Ecosystem
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Paul Mitchell, President and CEO

Accelerates energy technology development and commercialization through cross-industry partnerships

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