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Class Delivers the Smart Shipping Vision
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Howard Fireman, Chief Digital Officer, ABS

The maritime industry’s digital transformation is in full swing, impacting the smallest vendor to the largest owner, across flag, class and shipyards, right up to the primary regulator. In terms of early maritime adopters, its clear...

The Innovation Merchants of the XXI Century
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Victor Garcia-Aranda, Senior Partner, Guixer and Partners

Today, we see most board of directors and C-levels around the corporate world embracing change into new digital paradigms with mixed enthusiasm and fear. From the most technology-driven corporates, to the less digital-savvy ones, innovation and...

Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT), Digitalization, Cyber Security, and their Impact on the Energy Industry
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Matt Morris, Managing Director, Industrial Cyber & Digital Security

Introduction Having always been a technologist at heart, it is comforting to see how technology continues to impact today’s Digital Energy industry. From the large scale adoption of Internet of Things devices, to private cloud...

Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT),Digitalization, Cyber Security,and their Impact on the Energy Industry
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Matt Morris, MD, Industrial Cyber & Digital Security, Siemens

Introduction Having always been a technologist at heart, it is comforting to see how technology continues to impact today’s Digital Energy industry. From the large scale adoption of Internet of Things devices, to private cloud adoption...

CIOs must Ensure Systems are Dynamic, Accessible and Continuous
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Zeeshan Sheikh, CIO, Entergy Corporation

Digital technologies are bringing dramatic changes to the utility business. Everything from customer expectations to how we operate the grid to how we communicate with employees is being transformed. For instance, the digital grid is starting to...

The Digital Vision
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Cynthia Johnson, Ex CIO, California Resources Corporation

The digital oilfield vision includes many use cases of technology. Advancements for the oilfield are keeping up and maybe outpacing Moore’s Law which suggests technology capability doubles every two years. However, the application of...

Modernized Grid Technologies
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Todd Inlander, VP & CIO, Southern California Edison

You have been executing the role and responsibility of a CIO in various organizations since the start of the millennium, when the gravitas of a CIO role in the organization actually began growing. How have you seen the evolution of this role...

Three-box Solution Accelerating Digital Transformations
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Sath Rao, VP–Visionary Innovation–Convergence, Frost & Sullivan

Early adopters must explore new business models to leverage growth opportunities. In his recent book, “The Three-Box Solution” (Harvard Business Review Press), Professor Vijay Govindarajan outlines the three-box approach to lead...

Oil and Gas Space Aligns Itself to Today's Technology Disruption
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John Boden, VP of Information and Member Services, Society of Petroleum Engineers

The low price of crude oil has been the key factor in the oil and gas market since late 2014. That translates to a need for improved efficiency and innovation. The Technology Roadmap for the Oil and Gas sector At our SPE CIO Round Table...

IoT Paves Way to Smart Grid, but Who Will Pay?
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Scott Smith, Vice Chairman and U.S. Power & Utilities leader, Deloitte

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are profoundly impacting nearly every sector of the global economy. In the US power and utilities industry, IoT technologies using sensors, high volume data transfer, machine learning and advanced analytic...

The Transforming Utility Industry
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Ken Lee, SVP & CIO, New York Power Authority

One of the many challenges of a utility CIO is keeping up with the rapidly evolving demands of an IOT world. The utility industry is transforming as a result of flat to declining demand for electricity combined with declining electric...

A Cyber Security Metrics Tool for Utilities
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Mark McGranaghan, VP, Distribution & Utilization, EPRI

As cyber threats grow and become more sophisticated, utilities must constantly evaluate and improve the effectiveness of security programs. Moreover, utilities must manage their security programs across both traditional information technology...

The Digital Utility Powering the Next Generation
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Henry Bailey, Global VP, Utilities IBU, SAP [NYSE: SAP]

The utilities industry is quickly becoming very dynamic and fast moving like never before. Digital disruption impacts all lines of business, bringing with it opportunities and challenges. Utilities have been affected by the expansion of...

Finding the Right Balance between Protecting Data and Fostering Innovation
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Yanni Charalambous, VP & CIO, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Whether the reputation is fair or not, the oil and gas industry is often considered a “laggard” in adopting the latest technologies. Considering the current energy commodity price environment, adoption of new technology to improve...

Cyber Security and your Board
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Jamie Cutler, CIO, QEP Resources

Board of Directors are worried. In the last year the landscape for technology in a board meeting has gone from discussions around system implementations and data management to preventing the potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in a...

The Evolving Cyber Threat
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Robert H. Mcclanahan, VP & CIO, Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation

Some days I wonder why we connected our organization to the Internet. Sure, I was the one advocating for it when I was a technical manager. But it seems that for all of the benefit that it brings in efficiency, functionality and services, it...

GRID EX III - Physical and Cyber Security on the Electric Utility Grid
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Dawn Roth Lindell, SVP & CIO, Western Area Power Administration

What would happen if our electricity was down for weeks or months due to a coordinated attack on our electric grid? Without electricity, we go without clean water, our food would rot and without gasoline pumps which now use electricity, vehicles...

Baking in Cyber from the Top
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Lena Smart, VP & CSO, New York Power Authority

Yesterday, I was CIO of America’s largest state power organization. Today, I’m the CSO. No, I didn’t get a demotion–it was actually a promotion, and I am very excited about my new position. “Having a standard...

Energy Sector: A Distributed Generation
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Elizabeth Hackenson, CIO & SVP of Global Business Services, The AES Corporation

The ever-changing pace of technology influencing the Utilities landscape The energy sector is poised for significant change as renewable (e.g. wind and solar) and energy storage (e.g. batteries) become more prevalent. Increaseduse of renewable...

An Integrated Grid at the Intersection of IT and OT
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Matt Wakefield, Director of Information, Communication & Cyber Security Research, Electric Power Research Institute

The U.S. electric power system and its many assets have per­formed remarkably well in the last 130 years, providing just-in-time electricity across America. Built on a hub and spoke model, the system integrates the physics of electricity...

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