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Identity and Access Management: Leave it to the Experts
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Dr. Manu Kumar, Founder and Chief Firestarter, K9 Ventures

The start of every application ever built usually involves the developer figuring out how to allow users to create accounts and set up passwords. The number of times this wheel has been re-invented is almost mind boggling. Creating usernames,...

Preparing for the New Energy Landscape
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Scott Higgins, Director, Utility Distributed Energy & Microgrids, Schneider Electric

The steady increase in energy consumption across North America is forcing consumers to contend with high and variable energy costs and utilities into increase grid investments. Total energy production in the United States increased for the...

CYBERBIT: Detecting and Responding to Advanced Cyber Threats in SCADA and IT Networks
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Adi Dar, CEO

Provides innovative solutions for detecting, analyzing and responding to advanced and targeted threats in IT and SCADA networks

BeyondTrust: Delivering Visibility to Reduce Internal and External Risks
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Kevin Hickey, President & CEO

Provides privilege and vulnerability management solutions that deliver the visibility to reduce risks and the control to act against data breach threats

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