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Energy: Trends, Challenges and Solutions for a Changing World
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Ken Boyce, Principal Engineer Director, Energy & Power Technologies, UL

Our world is rapidly changing in many ways. Climate change is creating new challenges in weather, environment and habitats. Massive migration to cities continues as the world’s population grows in new places toward 8 billion. The...

Digital Transformation Begins at the Core: Four Foundational Technology Themes
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Joe Tellez, CTO, Tacoma Public Utilities

Digital transformation is permeating just about every industry with varying degrees of urgency and understanding regarding what being “digital” really means. It is virtually impossible to define what being digital means without a...

Technology in Utilities
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Alberto Ruocco, AEP VP & CIO, Greg Filipkowski, AEP Director of Demand Management, Customer Operations & Distribution, American Electric Power

The Evolution of IT Investments Utilities historically have been considered late adopters of information technology (IT). Because our companies are largely regulated, utilities can earn a return for capital investments that create new assets...

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