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The Five I's Approach to Business Performance
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Brian Letzkus, VP & CIO , The Williams Companies (“Williams”)

Job as a CIO Balancing your role as a Technology leader with being a Business leader. I have found the biggest issue I face is getting invited to the table to help solve a business problem regardless if there is a technology solution. ...

Is There Auditible Security in the Cloud?
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Preston Williams III, Senior Partner and CIO, GBC Global Services

Irecently watched the CSPAN coverage of cloud computing in political campaigns held at the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University. Participants shared their views about cloud computing in campaigns, but the issue...

Adaptive Planning Analytics Support Utility Transformation
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Dean Oskvig, President & CEO B&V Energy, Black & Veatch Holding Company

Electric utilities are in the midst of a significant business transformation. They must align their power generation portfolios to address increasing air emission and surface water regulations as well as state-mandated Renewable Portfolio...

PowerData: Real-Time Control and Simulation Expert
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Fabiola D. Robinson, President

Provides a comprehensive platform for Real- Time Control and Simulation focused on electric power

Solutionary: Effective Monitoring of the Complete Security Lifecycle
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Steve Idelman, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO

Provides managed security services and global threat intelligence

Qualys [NASDAQ: QLYS]: Continuous and Proactive Network Monitoring to Prevent Cyber Attacks
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Philippe Courtot, Chairman & CEO

Provider of information security and compliance cloud solutions to simplify security operations and lower the cost of compliance

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