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The Future-proofed Wireless Power
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Although the wireless charging has been evolving for a few years, a majority of the users are adopting the cable chargers more because they are cheaper but also faster and reliable than wireless chargers. However, wireless technologies are gaining...

IoT's Evolution to the Converged Platform of the Future
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Aaron Gette, CIO, The Bay Club Company

With the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming more a part of our everyday lives, almost everything is connected and intelligent. We have seen the transformation of innovative ideas from 2015 into mainstays of our everyday lives. The driving force...

How the Internet of Things can Unearth Innovation in Oil & Gas Industry
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Allen Proithis, President, North America, Sigfox

In the Internet of Things (IoT), there are devices that scream data and devices that whisper data. Devices that scream data are energy intensive as they transport persistent data. While these devices attract much of the excitement in the...

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