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John W. Gibson, Chairman, Energy Technology, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

With technology exploding on the scene, which role in a company has accountability for what? In a classic large organization, the CIO supports and manages the operational digital infrastructure, typically with a goal of improved efficiency:...

Connected Field of Dreams
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Jason Cradit, VP of Information Systems, Willbros Group, Inc.

Utility construction, like so much other infrastructure work isn’t done in a cubical or boardroom or even in a corner office. It’s done in fields. Literal fields. People get muddy, work rain or shine, and they build our nation’s...

Drones Drive Big Data
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Jeff W. Parisse, Director of Robotics - Monarch Inc.

The Greek poets were the first to divide history into ages; spans of time marked by significant human achievement. Although the Gold, Bronze and Iron ages have long past, people still use the milestones of human achievement to mark time...

The Cloud: A Business Initiative with IT Benefits
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John Emerson, Global CIO, Tait Communications

While there are ICT benefits in moving to the cloud, it must be fully understood by your senior executives that the cloud is a strategic business initiative, which the senior leadership team must own. Business reasons include: • Improving...

Advances in Satellite Technology Position Energy Companies to Win in New Global Mobility Ecosystem
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Jesus Jimenez, VP-Global Engineering, RigNet

Experts agree that advances in drilling technologies and completion techniques contributed to nearly a decade of growth in the energy industry. These advances lead to a decline in oil prices over the past two years, which has resulted in layoffs...

Smart Grid's Trojan Horse: Actions to Consider
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Doug Morrill, Associate Director, Navigant [NCI]

It is troubling that recent Internet hacks that affected popular websites in the United States are being received with surprise. Similar events have been happening for years. The explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices complicates the...

IoT Benefits Scalability of Advanced Energy Solutions
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Joe Blanchard, VP of Services, Plug Power

From micro grids to rooftop solar plants to hydrogen powered forklift trucks, every alternative energy solution, to some extent, is a distributed energy technology. In order to be successful, every alternative energy solution must scale and use...

Positive Disruption: Utilities, Smart Cities, and Smart Energy Management
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Don Reeves, EVP of Engineering and Managed Services, Silver Spring Networks

Today, we are in the midst of an evolving energy environment. For at least 15 years, utilities have been deploying communications technology to help overcome some of their most pressing issues. The smart grid, at its most basic, essentially layers...

Pixel Velocity: Automating Field Operations
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Jonathan Murray, CEO

Provides digital operations software to monitor and manage remote and hazardous assets to optimize field service worker productivity

SkyLab Networks: Data Acceleration for the IoT Revolution
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Gary Kwang, CEO

SkyLab provides critical IoT data logistic solutions to companies to help them gain valuable insights and drive proactive actions on asset optimization and resource management. Their proven data gathering and delivery platform, combined with...

Trilliant: Unified Communications in the Smart Grid Network
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Andy White, Chairman & CEO

Provides two-way communications platform and solutions between distribution and consumption end and the head-end of utility grids

Qualys [NASDAQ: QLYS]: Continuous and Proactive Network Monitoring to Prevent Cyber Attacks
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Philippe Courtot, Chairman & CEO

Provider of information security and compliance cloud solutions to simplify security operations and lower the cost of compliance

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