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New Thinking on Data Center Power Security
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Peter Gross, VP, Mission Critical Systems, Bloom Energy

It has been a year of many shocking and extreme weather events across the USA: bomb cyclones, hurricanes and wildfires have wreaked havoc from Florida to California. Despite the massive toll of these catastrophic events, one severe lightning storm...

The Cloud: A Business Initiative with IT Benefits
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John Emerson, Global CIO, Tait Communications

While there are ICT benefits in moving to the cloud, it must be fully understood by your senior executives that the cloud is a strategic business initiative, which the senior leadership team must own. Business reasons include: • Improving...

Leveraging Data to Aid the Finance Community
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Leah Ramirez, Director of EG Analytics and Decision Support, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“30 percent of actual data needed for forecasts is not available in time”, “lack of integrated systems drives lots of manual effort”, and “40 percent plus reporting time spent on data gathering to build...

Cloud Computing for Utilities
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Greg Richards, VP of DevOps, Itron

In the utility industry, the cloud is an old concept. People don’t generate their own power, have a water treatment plant in their backyard or chop and store wood every fall for a long winter. They rely on a scalable and highly reliable...

Empower the Data Center
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Matt Keller, Director of IT Infrastructure & Operations, IGS Energy

As IT professionals look at the landscape of IT infrastructure, it’s not difficult to see where the trends lie when it comes to where companies store and operate the backend systems that run their day-to-day functions. Cloud Solutions such...

Containerization Solutions to Augment Software Development
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Michael Couvillion, CTO, Drillinginfo

Over the last couple of years numerous big trends have been observed across all major industries. For example implementing cloud technology helps you move from your own hardware to using services like Amazon or Azure. Why do we do it? What's...

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