Artificial Intelligence: A Boon for Energy Industry
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Emerging technology such as artificial intelligence is seeping into different markets and energy sector is gradually adopting it as well. FREMONT, CA:  “Data is the new oil” – a statement said by Clive Humby, a...

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Energy Trading
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Genna Boyle, Senior Trader, Limejump

Back in the early 2000s, cost reduction was the order of the day for energy trading and risk management (ETRM) technology systems. Risk management around energy price was becoming a fringe-boardroom issue, thanks to mounting commodity volatility...

Improving Plants Using 3D Visualization
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Power plants are turning to 3D visualization methods to streamline plant activities and maintenance across the asset life cycle. FREMONT, CA: Power stations are becoming more modular as developers seek to decrease on-site activities that are...

Artificial Intelligence Promising Answers for Energy Consumption and Climatic Quests
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The AI revolution continuously prompts for economic development while contributing to handling environmental and global problem smartly. FREMONT, CA: Making the world more efficient and secure, today, artificial intelligence is participating...

5 Trends Transforming the Energy & Utilities Industry
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The intersection of user empowerment and enrichment of technology adoption is opening the door for new business models and opportunities for utilities. FREMONT, CA: As forces of change in the utilities and energy...

Emerging AI Breakthroughs Revolutionizing the Energy Industry
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The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the energy industry is powering innovations and helping in developing the smart grid of the future.    FREMONT, CA: The energy sector has long been aware of the power of AI(Artificial...

How AI can Store and Save Energy for Solar Developers?
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Solar developers are yet to equip their systems with AI-driven technologies. AI can help increase value and in turn, resulting in escalated margins. FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled energy storage is giving rise to intelligent...

Diverging the Path of Disasters in the Utility Sector
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Utilities in urban areas are at risk since they are aging and the pressure exerted is multiplying by each day. The innovators in utilities sector are persuaded to invest more intelligence and technology into prevention of devastating impacts....

How Can Artificial Intelligence Revamp Gas and Oil Industry?
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FREMONT, CA – Industries and organizations across the globe have realized the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), and the oil and gas industry is one of them.  Petroleum oil is one of the most prominent resources in the energy...

AI and IoT: The Change Makers in Electricity Production and Consumption
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FREMONT, CA: Sustainability issues figure in every aspect of energy production and use. The requirement of electricity is at an all-time high and is increasing continuously. Many of the energy resources we have today are used for the production of...

New Technologies Transforming Water Management
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With the exponential growth in the world’s population water resources is becoming more scarce, and adequate water management is in dire need. Water scarcity is making it exceedingly challenging to supply clean water resources to people and...

Trending Technologies are All Set to Transform the Power Industry, See How!
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FREMONT, CA: To maintain the competency standards and address the growing market demands, the power utility industry finds it critical to adopt the advancing technological developments. The emerging technologies such as the Artificial Intelligence...

How AI Will Fuel Changes in the Energy Industry
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Technological innovation is drastically changing the way industries carry out their works. In the energy industry, technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are poised to transform the way energy is produced and transmitted. It is limiting...

Reshaping Built Environment with Latest Tech Innovations
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As a driving force revolutionizing the world, technology is instrumental in modernizing human life. With the software deployments, Built environment (BE) is shifting its perceptions to the next level. Disrupting every critical aspect of lifestyle,...

Latest IoT Conceptualizations Out to Change the Legacy Systems used by the Utility Industry
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Not leaving any industry untouched, the Internet of Things (IoT) has dramatically influenced the performance of businesses. IoT gives technologists, numerous opportunities to explore the potential prospect of business concepts. Known for applying...

Adapting Asset Management to a Cloud-Centric Reality
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Leo Barella, VP & Chief Enterprise Architect, AstraZeneca

What are the key challenges while adapting to cloud-centric asset management system? With the evolution of IT—from conventional, on-premise version of the same client-server applications to the cloud—the growth of cloud asset...

Digital Asset Management and IoT the Innovation Path from "Digits" to "Value"
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Medhat Mahmoud, Sr. Director, Technology & Strategy, IoT Solutions, Huawei Technologies

Digital Asset Management has been known for decades and it refers to the assets that exist in a digital format. In essence, it is a set of databases and infrastructure to collect, store, and process the digital representation of assets allowing...

Significance of Computer Vision across Industries
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Computer vision is growing at a rapid pace, and it is expected that the market for computer vision will reach more than $26 billion by the end of 2025. Computer vision depicts the capability of a machine to analyze visual information and derive...

AI: Revolutionizing the Face of Industries
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Artificial Intelligence is a source of both enthusiasm and skepticism in different measures. As humans and machines are coming together now more than ever before, AI is no longer confined to innovation labs and is being appreciated and used...

Artificial Intelligence: Redefining Future
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Maulik P. Purohit, SVP, Chief Medical Information Officer, University Health System

Challenges in Tackling the Entry of AI into Healthcare One major challenge in the healthcare space may be the variability and complexity of human beings (patients) and their medical conditions. In early stage analysis, having a population with...