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Reinventing Electric Power Value Chain
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Joseph Santamaria, SVP & Chief Information & Digital Officer, PSEG

The energy grid is being transformed into a smarter, cleaner and more distributed network that must satisfy escalating customer and societal expectations. The increased demands range from integrating emerging energy technologies (renewables,...

The Cloud: A Business Initiative with IT Benefits
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John Emerson, Global CIO, Tait Communications

While there are ICT benefits in moving to the cloud, it must be fully understood by your senior executives that the cloud is a strategic business initiative, which the senior leadership team must own. Business reasons include: • Improving...

How the Internet of Things can Unearth Innovation in Oil & Gas Industry
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Allen Proithis, President, North America, Sigfox

In the Internet of Things (IoT), there are devices that scream data and devices that whisper data. Devices that scream data are energy intensive as they transport persistent data. While these devices attract much of the excitement in the...

McDermott has Begun its Digital Transformation Journey
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Akash Khurana, VP, CIO & CDO, McDermott

McDermott operates in approximately 20 countries across the world and has approximately 13,500 employees, a diversified fleet of 12 specialty marine construction vessels, five fabrication facilities (the fabrication yard in Dubai is shown...

Building the Digital Enterprise
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John Gordon, Chief Digital Officer, Current, Powered by GE

I spend a lot of time working with cities to create digital cities—open, secure technology platforms that enable equitable economic growth. I’ve been building off a belief in recent posts that lighting and lighting-related IoT sensors...

Hypertransparency in Energy Markets: The Race to Technology-Aided Insight
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Andy Bose, VP & GM, Oil, Platts

“The emergence of shale oil, together with growing concerns about climate change and the environment, means that the beliefs that many of us have used in the past to analyse the oil market are out of date. We need a new toolkit, a new set of...

Adaptive Analytics: Big Data for Small Business
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Parnell Woodard, Founder

Offers expertise in areas of data, including; Data Capture, Data Integration, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization, to help their clients achieve their data goals

NC4: A Leader in Safety and Security
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Karl Kotalik, President and CEO

NC4® revolutionizes safety and security solutions for both business and government organizations

Technical Toolboxes: A Digital Makeover in the Pipeline
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Martin Fingerhut, President & CEO

Delivers cloud-based software ‘toolkits’ for inspection and maintenance engineers for production, process and pipeline management, apart from training and consultancy

Trilliant: Unified Communications in the Smart Grid Network
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Andy White, Chairman & CEO

Provides two-way communications platform and solutions between distribution and consumption end and the head-end of utility grids

PowerData: Real-Time Control and Simulation Expert
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Fabiola D. Robinson, President

Provides a comprehensive platform for Real- Time Control and Simulation focused on electric power

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