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Reimagining the Smart Grid of the Future with Software
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Patric McElroy, VP & Chief Software Engineer, GE Power

In the U.S. alone, power outages cost the economy an average of $80B per year. For utilities, that means increased costs for penalties, repairs, overtime and customer service. The good news is that smart grid technologies can alleviate a...

CIO and CTO Today
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John W. Gibson, Chairman, Energy Technology, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

With technology exploding on the scene, which role in a company has accountability for what? In a classic large organization, the CIO supports and manages the operational digital infrastructure, typically with a goal of improved efficiency:...

CIOs must Ensure Systems are Dynamic, Accessible and Continuous
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Zeeshan Sheikh, CIO, Entergy Corporation

Digital technologies are bringing dramatic changes to the utility business. Everything from customer expectations to how we operate the grid to how we communicate with employees is being transformed. For instance, the digital grid is starting to...

The Evolution of Energy Analytics
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Robert Skiebe, Project Director, Siemens

The oil and gas industry has been collecting data and automating its systems for decades now; however, much of this data is gathered from different types of equipment on an “as-needed basis.” Because of this, only small...

'Digital Twin' in Optimizing Lifecycle Performance of Oil & Gas Assets and Equipment
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Yanni Charalambous, VP & CIO, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

In the consumer industry, breakthrough innovation is transforming the customer experience and creating new revenue opportunities. These breakthroughs are driven by creating a digital replica—or digital twin—of a physical object....

Energy Analytics: Evolving Beyond Data Intelligence
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Tom Watson, Director Infrastructure Operations, Williams

Williams is a premier provider of large-scale infrastructure connecting U.S. natural gas and natural gas products to growing demand for cleaner fuel and feedstocks. When it comes to the geographic footprint, our facilities are spread across...

Value of Analytics in Practical Work Life
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Dave Webb, CIO, Nebraska Public Power District

Last month, I talked about some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years and how they apply to my company’s analytics journey. You’ll see a theme continue as I wrap it up this month. None of my lessons are about technology....

Wisdom and Analytics
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Dave Webb, CIO, Nebraska Public Power District

When someone asks you to share wisdom, rest assured you’re probably not young anymore. I’ve learned to be OK with that. I have enjoyed a long and satisfying career in various leadership roles in Engineering and IT. For the better...

Freeing Up Innovation Cycles: The Shifting Role of the CIO
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Doug Petitt, CIO & VP of IT, Vectren [NYSE:VVC]

What are the big challenges facing a utility CIO and how are you addressing them? The speed at which technology is advancing is incredible. We are truly heading into an Internet of Things connected world. At Vectren, we have plans to...

How Utilities Benefit Moving to Cloud
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Jeff Katz, CTO, Energy & Utilities, IBM [NYSE:IBM]

Some utility CIOs were early adopters when it came to cloud technology. Embracing the opportunity to transform business processes and solutions was considered an appropriate decision, because it not only improved how problems were solved, but also...

Modernized Grid Technologies
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Todd Inlander, VP & CIO, Southern California Edison

You have been executing the role and responsibility of a CIO in various organizations since the start of the millennium, when the gravitas of a CIO role in the organization actually began growing. How have you seen the evolution of this role...

Promise of Data Analytics
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John Kochavatr, Chief Information Officer & Digital Leader, GE Water & Process Technologies

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Data Analytics Data and analytics provide a lot of opportunity for businesses these days, offering economically viable ways to generate new algorithms, enable scalability, and remove barriers so businesses can be...

Finding the Right Balance between Protecting Data and Fostering Innovation
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Yanni Charalambous, VP & CIO, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Whether the reputation is fair or not, the oil and gas industry is often considered a “laggard” in adopting the latest technologies. Considering the current energy commodity price environment, adoption of new technology to improve...

Using Pragmatic Analytical Tools to Advance Performance in Pipeline Companies
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Lee Laviolette, Managing Director & Global Oil and Gas Leader, Navigant Consulting

For decades, executives asked, “What is the value of automation?” in areas like remote tank farms and manifolds. To many, making those investments was a leap of faith, a belief in keeping up with best practice more than justifying...

Putting Data and Analytics to Work
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Alberto Ruocco, VP and CIO, American Electric Power

The time had come: ‘Show me the value of big data’ was the message from our COO to the information technology and business unit teams. We welcomed the challenge. In May 2015, after a couple of years of conversations, demos and...

Adaptive Planning Analytics Support Utility Transformation
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Dean Oskvig, President & CEO B&V Energy, Black & Veatch Holding Company

Electric utilities are in the midst of a significant business transformation. They must align their power generation portfolios to address increasing air emission and surface water regulations as well as state-mandated Renewable Portfolio...

Digitizing Infrastructures - Creating Value in the Era of Hybridity
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Dr. Lawrence Jones, VP-Utility Innovations & Infrastructure Resilience, Alstom Grid

Hybridity Gains Momentum Today, our lives depend on energy, water, transportation and telecommunication services provided by utility companies. In many parts of the world, these physical infrastructures-the cornerstone of modernity, were...

EnergySavvy: Building Personalized Utility Customer Experiences
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Scott Case, Chief Operating Officer

Cloud software company that helps utilities transform their customer experience and operations

Vectren: Freeing Up Innovation Cycles: The Shifting Role Of The CIO
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Doug Petitt, CIO & VP of IT

A progressive energy holding company that delivers gas and electricity to more than 1 million customers in the adjoining service territories of Indiana

Grid4C: Artifical Intelligence - Squeezing Value from IoT Data
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Dr. Noa Ruschin Rimini, Founder & CEO

Global leader in providing cutting-edge predictive analytics offerings through proprietary machine learning algorithms in the energy value chain

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