Why the Trend of Digital Twinning is Increasing Rapidly

Why the Trend of Digital Twinning is Increasing Rapidly

By Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Emerging technologies like IoT, renewable power generation, microgrids, and digitalization helps to gather data, which can be utilized efficiently with digital twinning,

FREMONT, CA: Digital twins are not a new concept, and it was launched a few years ago in the conservative forms for the product lifecycle and production management. In this present era of Industry 4.0 with the adoption of highly-developed sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) industries have more advanced digital twinning and even extended its applications. 

Primarily the digital twin is the virtual presentation of the processes, several physical asset, equipment, and information. Data from various resources like sensors are coordinated so that they can provide real-time status. Such advanced technology allows reducing the costs, applying predictive maintenance abilities, and optimizing operations. 

Over the years, several industries have applied technologies like digital monitoring and control solutions, particularly the retail, automotive, and manufacturing sector. However, these systems are also benefitting the utilities and healthcare providers. For instance, the technology is used for creating a replica of the brain and heart virtually so that they can increase the speed of the diagnosis and treatment. 

Top 10 Asset Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2019The two industries where digital-twin applications impacted the most are infrastructure and energy industries. The utility providers have to continuously search for methods that will decrease the operational costs, identify the problematic areas, and increase efficiencies. Even the energy firms with digital platforms and connected solutions can manage physical assets remotely and save expenses on human work. 

Driving Innovations and Efficiency in Energy

The trends of decarbonization have developed clean technologies and highlight the significance of connected assets. The significant advantage of digital twinning is physical asset performance and transmission efficiencies. 

Asset Visualization and Analytics

The utility, along with assets power plants, substations, and T&D networks that needs efficient and proper management. These technologies also need a low cost for operators. Therefore, the digital-twin solutions provide better reliability of operations and energy infrastructure. 

Digital Twin of a Wind Turbine

The wind turbines have to survive for a long time, so the manufacturers have to make sure that they consistently perform in the harshest condition. These technologies are requiring monitoring continuously so that unexpected failure can be avoided.

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