What's New in the Energy Sector?

What's New in the Energy Sector?

By Energy CIO Insights | Wednesday, July 01, 2020

States in the U.S are transforming the energy sector to make a difference in a cleaner future by harnessing clean energy using technology.

FREMONT, CA:  Energy, economic development, climate mitigation goals, and such targets can be vital drivers for a social change and market transformation. The United States has taken great efforts to help new clean energy companies progress. Offshore wind farms, air-source heat pumps, battery storage, electric vehicles, micro-grids, hydropower from irrigation systems, and advanced biomass and biogas systems. All of these have brighter futures looking years ahead. The reducing cost of clean energy technologies has made higher targets more achievable, yet less expensive. Embracing more aggressive clean energy targets as part of a response to the threat of climate change is a vital contemplation.

Top 10 Energy Technology Startups - 2018Strategy in Achieving Targets

Many states have adopted bold and laudable goals for clean energy. States must systematically assess all the drawbacks that need a rectification to reach their goals and then put in place a detailed ordered plan to overcome the barriers and ensuring steady progress.

A Support for Clean Energy

Many of the States, which differ by region, size, and political perspectives, have all implemented clean energy policies and programs. State policymakers, the clean energy industry, and other stakeholders must continue to modulate discussion on issues related to clean energy.

Tackling the Complications in Clean Energy

With a widespread market of clean energy technologies, states have had to address complex challenges that often require sophisticated economic, engineering, and technical knowledge. Considering the electricity grid, there is a need to reimagine and accommodate to make the best use of clean energy technologies and energy storage.

Electrification of Clean Energy

Many of the States have been focusing more in recent years on electric vehicles and electrifying by building heating and cooling systems. However, it needs improvement in order to reach energy and climate mitigation goals. As these technologies prepend to the net electricity load, it is essential to implement ways, which provide benefits to the electricity grids in an effective way.

Advancing with Clean Energy

Clean energy progress in recent years has primarily been a narrative of substantial implementation of solar and wind energy in energy storage. These technologies, as speculated, will improve in its efficiency, performance, and reliability. They also remain to have tremendous prospects to make its use much more widely in improving the nation’s energy sector. The States constitute a central role in making it happen.

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