What are the Advantages of Renewable Energy Sources in the Power...

What are the Advantages of Renewable Energy Sources in the Power System?

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, November 23, 2020

The demand for renewable energy sources are increasing in the power system because of the economic and environmental advantages that it provides.

FREMONT, CA: The rising of renewable energy sources (RES) can immensely impact the power system. The system equilibrium and stability are complicated because continuous generation cannot be developed from the RES concerning conventional energy sources. The paper studies the effect of RES on the power system via the actual application of the Egyptian power system. Furthermore, the planning of the Egyptian power system intends to increase the proportion of RES, particularly Wind Power (WP) and photovoltaic (PV).

The various operation situations are obtained for illustrating the impact of RES on the Egyptian network. Even the economic and environmental advantages of increasing the Penetration of Renewable Power Generation are offered by evaluating the estimated annual reductions of CO2 emission (ER), certified emission reduction (CER), and the fuel-saving amount. Therefore, it is essential to note the ways it is possible to decrease the cost of electricity (DCOE) model while calculating the cost-benefit analysis from RES. The results demonstrate the advantages of the point of view of the various savings that has been accomplished while bringing renewable energy to every situation. The economic study displays the benefits that renewable energy sources have offered, whereas, by the end of the current year, RES will 

decrease the emission of carbon dioxide.

The incorporation of the renewable power generation (RPG) can create various difficulties for the power system because the RPGs are situated in the dispersed are connected with the power system. Moreover, the quick increase in the energy generation that is extended by the RPG will develop the requirement for several studies to explore the effect of implementing RPG on the power system. Today power systems have developed with the help of continuous integration of the new units and the enlarged operations in the immensely stressed conditions. The system stability analysis like static voltage stability analysis is essential for maintaining the equilibrium of the system.

The voltage is also considered as an essential index due to its impact on system security and stability. With the increasing amount of RPG in the power system, the inertia of the power system will be decreased, and the frequency will be much higher after the system disturbance and oscillation occur.

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