Ways To Enhance Manufacturing of EV Battery

Ways To Enhance Manufacturing of EV Battery

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, November 08, 2019

As uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) increase, the need of EV-battery also elevates, now the manufacturers should pay attention to meet the upcoming needs of EV-battery.

FREMONT, CA: According to marketing research firm SNE Research, world demand for electrical vehicle (EV) batteries can so much exceed supply beginning in 2023. It’s expected that EV battery makers can build a substantial profit four years later. A report from the electrical Vehicle Outlook 2017, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (July 2017) says, by 2040, electric vehicle sales are projected to represent quite half all world, light-duty vehicle sales.

To develop an environmental-friendly atmosphere, many countries are advising to expand electric vehicles. This expansion will accelerate the demand for EV batteries. Here are some ways which need to be highly automated, smart, and accelerated to achieve the battery demand and grow the business to a high level:

Booming market and evolution

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Demand for batteries is elevating to create electric vehicles in the market, so the challenge has become more complicated. Now the manufacturers must keep abreast of the rapid evolution of battery technology. Here automation will play a crucial role in boosting the manufacturing process. To manage yield and quality, manufacturers have to be able to adjust to produce multiple battery types proficiently.

Prepare for the long term

Develop a structured attempt to build a great strategy and assess all the operations through the lens of industry 4.0 (smart factory). To design an efficient management and data system, select the proper business partner with excellent expertise, who will lead you to realize production goals. The appropriate partner can examine the marketing trends and can support to put the foundation to support the requirements and vision.

Need for additional battery-manufacturing capacity

The electric vehicle industry is experiencing a rise in demand for battery supply. Several European governments have declared to ban sales of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030. That's why it's calculable that within the coming years, regarding seventy percent of the sold cars will be electric. It's necessary to speed-up the battery manufacturing method to satisfy up the more extended term demands.

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