Voith Hydro's StreamDivers in Macedonia Hydropower Plant

Voith Hydro's StreamDivers in Macedonia Hydropower Plant

By Energy CIO Insights | Friday, February 01, 2019

Uwe Wehnhardt, CEO

More than 85 percent of the existing dams worldwide remain unused for the generation of hydropower. Until now, runoff of low-headed river plants was considered uneconomic and therefore often remained unused. The streamdiver turbine has been developed to work into this potential, particularly at low-level sites that have not yet been exploited. The setup and eco-friendly characteristics of the streamdiver make the power unit feasible where dams exist. The streamdiver provides a compact, low maintenance, and oil-free hydropower. To overcome this disadvantage, Voith has developed a new small propeller turbine, streamdiver, which is suitable for use in conventional plants.

"Hydropower is already highly automated and remotely operated; at Voith, we strive to make it intelligent."

Voith Hydro is one of the leading industry partners for power station operators. This covers the fields of hydropower production and energy storage systems. Voith Hydro’s offering is diverse—from generators and turbines to pumps. It supports customers in every project phase, including research and development, consulting, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, or commissioning operations. Also, Voith’s range of services also covers the maintenance and modernization of existing small and large hydroelectric power stations.

Uwe Wehnhardt, CEO of Voith, said, “Hydropower is already highly automated and remotely operated; at Voith, we strive to make it intelligent.” Voith has been awarded an order for the manufacture, supply, and commissioning of two streamdiver turbine generator units for Macedonia’s Gradiste small hydropower station. Voith will also monitor the installation and supply of the door valves. The power plant will start operating early in 2020 and will supply clean electricity to 900 households in the Jegunovce region north of Skopje, Macedonia.

Standardization and modularization of the turbine lead to low capital costs. Simplicity and long service intervals keep the operating and maintenance costs low for the turbines. It is eco-friendly because of the lack of lubrication oil. When fully submerged, it runs quiet and invisible.

Innovative concepts of plants can reduce civil costs because a conventional powerhouse is redundant. The power plant is nearly invisible and requires little space on the banks of the river. All impacts on the environment are minimal. With such features and abilities of an intelligent hydropower plant, Voith is empowering its clientele for tomorrow’s requirements.

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