ViZn Energy System Partners with Princeton Power to Launch ZAC...

ViZn Energy System Partners with Princeton Power to Launch ZAC Energy Storage

By Energy CIO Insights | Thursday, February 25, 2016

AUSTIN, TX: Global provider of safe energy storage systems and utility applications, ViZn Energy Systems join hands with Princeton Power, manufacturer of power systems, to launch ViZn’s ZAC energy storage system.

The new system combines ViZn’s Z20 Zinc-iron redox flow battery with Princeton Power System’s field-proven inverters, grid connects and auxiliary components into a single-unit system. ViZn developssafe, clean, reliable and cost effective grid storage battery with simple installation methods and reduced procurement challenges. The product is available in several sizes with optimized invertors to meet requirements and benefit commercial and industrial customers.

“The launch of this system is a big step forward for ViZn, we offer a complete pre-engineered solution which provides optimal component matching and assemble features designed to enable easy adoption by installations and deployment,” says Ron Van Dell, president and CEO of ViZn Energy systems. The product is built in to withstand significant temperature fluctuations and offers fast charge power.

ViZn’s battery utilizes a safe chemistry and makes energy storage feasible on a large scale and acceleratesthe deployment of energy storage. “The energy storage market represents enormous potential and with integrated, solutions from ViZn and Princeton, is well positioned to fulfill this growing demand,” says Ken McCauley, CEO of Princeton Power.  

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