Violet and the Growing Market of Solar cars

Violet and the Growing Market of Solar cars

By Energy CIO Insights | Monday, February 11, 2019

Growing Market of Solar carsThe excessive use of conventional sources of energy is gradually becoming a threat to human beings. So, the reliance upon the renewable sources has been increased by leaps and bounds. It has become essential to control the rate of CO2 emission. The UK government’s 'Road to Zero' project is aimed at building an emission-free transport system by 2040. Besides controlling the CO2 emission, the focus has to be shifted toward the use of renewable sources of energy. In this case, solar cars serve a dual purpose. It is pollution-free, and it uses solar power as fuel. According to the research by Statista, the predicted estimation of the global solar market will be $422 billion by 2022.

Students from the University of NSW have stunned the world by introducing Violet, the sixth generation solar car from the students. Guinness World Records recognized this endeavor after its completion of an expedition at a reasonable expense of $50. This car successfully took a 4100 km journey from Perth to Sydney. The students broke the previous milestone of energy consumption. Previously, the energy consumption rate was 5.5kWh/100km, but Violet used energy at the rate of 3.25 kWh/100 km. This solar car is 25 times more efficient than ordinary cars running on the streets of the United States. Violet traveled almost 600 km every day and consumed approximately 20-24 kWh which is equivalent to the regular energy consumption of a household and 17 times less than an Australian car. Violet confronted with different challenges. In 2017, during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, it met the problem of rear suspension failure, and in October, it faced battery fire. But, the students diagnosed and eradicated these problems and completed the whole journey before the scheduled date.

The car is built by carbon fiber chassis which allows it to maintain lightweight. There is a huge market for solar cars. The Asia Pacific is a major market for solar-powered cars including countries like China, South Korea, Japan, and India. The other important markets are the U.S. and Europe. Hanergy Holding Group, Venturi, Toyota Motor Corp., Ford Motor Company, Mahindra & Mahindra, Cruise Car, and the Solar Electric Vehicle Company are some leading firms in this market. As per a report from P&S Intelligence Private Limited, the declining cost of solar panels will also be an important reason for the growth of the market.

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