Unfolding the Broader Insights about Solar Energy

Unfolding the Broader Insights about Solar Energy

By Energy CIO Insights | Saturday, April 27, 2019

By adding value to the non-renewable energy paradigm, solar technology powers industries with carbon-free heat. Not limiting its offerings to the field of electricity, solar energy is now making strides in the industrial area. Serving various industries such as fuel, chemical, manufacturing, mining, power plants, and the like, innovative solar energy optimization technique has tremendously transformed the legacy use cases of this form of energy. Heat being the primary input for the industries, the global economic situation finds steam and thermal resource generation challenging. This is where solar energy comes into the frame.

Solar energy has seen the latest photovoltaic (PV) innovation explosion. Industries are highly relying on photovoltaic energy panels for thermal resources. Meeting the ever-growing industry demand this advanced thermal solution has considered being cost-effective and efficient. By capturing sunlight, the panels intensify the energy of the sun to generate heat and further, with the help of a condenser, they produce massive volumes of steam. In this way, PV-based solutions overtake traditional fossil fuel resources. GlassPoint Solar’s potential application is another significant development in the arena of solar technology. This application model works by allowing the sunlight to boil the water resources and generate heat and steam.  

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Emerging solar technologies are capable of readily producing steam and heat at huge rates to help the industrial processes. Reducing harmful gas and chemical emissions, cutting time and costs, and scaling up production, high-tech industrial solar utility opportunities contribute to industrial process optimization. Analysts and technologists recommend increased usage of non-renewable energy sources, and in this context, solar energy seems to be the perfect solution. Many surveys state that due to many deployments and installations of renewable energy-based production units, multiple global coal and other plants are shut down. Hence, there is a drastic move toward adopting trending solar energy technologies.  

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