Trending Technologies are All Set to Transform the Power Industry,...

Trending Technologies are All Set to Transform the Power Industry, See How!

By Energy CIO Insights | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

TRENDING TECHNOLOGIES ARE ALL SET TO TRANSFORM THE POWER INDUSTRY, SEE HOW!FREMONT, CA: To maintain the competency standards and address the growing market demands, the power utility industry finds it critical to adopt the advancing technological developments. The emerging technologies such as the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), cognitive computing, cloud computing and more, offer advanced capabilities to empower the power utility paradigm at an alarming pace. The changing industrial policies, consumer expectations, the rising and falling economics, and the need for better operational dynamics have made it necessarily crucial for the power sector engineers to integrate the trending technological conceptualizations for establishing a balance between operation and outcome.

Connective sciences like IoT, and other consequences of the fourth industrial revolution offer insights about operational optimization, asset performance and management, and consumer retention with which, the power utility can scale up the revenue aspect along with the functional standards. Adding to the list of IoT use cases like smart meters and smart thermostats, the latest tech-centered discoveries help in driving for-the-customer service trend. Multiplying the potentials of power applications, based on Robotics, AI, ML, and cognitive computing have marked the onset of intelligent Demand-Side Management (DSM), one of the core dimensions of the power utility industry. Cloud technology sophisticates the grid utility spectrum and ensures cybersecurity.

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The advent of the new technology entrants acts as the driving force, lifting the operational ethics and changing the conventions of the power sector. Smart power utility software models support predictive and precision decision-making analytics to anticipate and stay informed about the unforeseen challenges and customer expectations. Also, the impact of digital transformation is now a new reason for the power companies to modernize their legacy processing methods and software systems. By incorporating intuitive tech-driven characteristics, the power sector resolves the complexities concerned with resource allocation, load distribution, uptime efficiencies, timeliness, and maintenance seamlessly.               

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